Healthy Cabbage Recipe: Cabbage Roses ♥

Simple wedges of steamed cabbage
Simple wedges of cabbage, either red cabbage or green cabbage, steamed and seasoned. Weight Watchers zero points!

My goodness, how delicious something entirely simple can be!

Here's how cabbage roses -- my name, yes, but don't they look like roses?! -- came to be:
  • Come March 1, I'm itching to be in the garden, whatever the weather. Starting about now, several times a day I survey all the gardens (there are a few, yes!) to see what's popping through the ground. This time of year, what you see at day's dawn can have changed by day's end.
  • My sister mentioned that she's been steaming cabbage recently.

I spike them with nothing more than a spice mix, this one from FamilyStyle Food actually, but you could use a bit of butter, a bit of salt, or, for real spareness, just the cabbage.


Hands-on time: 2 minutes
Time to table: 15 minutes
Serves as many as you like

Steaming water
Wedges of cabbage, sliced off a whole cabbage, red or green

Set water to boil with steamer above. Add cabbage wedges, cut-side down, cover and let steam til fully done (try not to undercook).

I steamed four wedges, two cut-side down and two cut-side up. No surprise, those steamed cut-side down were cooked faster. But they were also cooked more evenly so that's how I'd recommend you cook them, too.

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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  1. I love this idea. What a quick and delicious side dish. (I'm a fan of cabbage pretty much anyway you cook it or don't cook it!)

  2. I love, love, love cabbage and eat it often. The name is very cute too.

  3. Extra points for style!

  4. I love cabbage--just made some today with cannelini beans and pasta. And calling it a rose makes it even better!

  5. Kalyn ~ It's easy to forget some of the easiest, yes?

    Sarah ~ Good for you! My mother used to say that food that looks good tastes better. Perhaps a cute name helps too?

    Kathy ~ Thanks!

    Susan ~ A rose is a rose is a ... cabbage.


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