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Quick Green Chile Stew ♥ Recipe

Today's vegetable recipe: A quick-quick and flavorful stew made with canned beans and canned green chile sauce but surprisingly good. Weight Watchers 4 points (Old Points) & 5 points (PointsPlus). Vegan. ~recipe & photo updated 2011~ ~ more recently updated recipes ~ So here it is, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. For the next few days, kitchens all across the U.S. will be busy-abustle. The fridge will be packed. The counter space will be at a premium. The cook will be up to her elbows in flour. Family and friends will be arriving. And oh my, there's so much to do. Trouble is, despite all that food, there's nothing to eat, not til Thanksgiving dinner anyway! So consider this a public service announcement: the one recipe to throw onto the stove to fill people's bellies, quickly, healthfully, flavorfully, inexpensively. Make time for this -- you'll be glad.

Book Club Books - My Reading Group's Book List

My book club's many-year reading list. Book ideas for book clubs and reading groups. Because books clubs are so popular, especially among women and especially (I believe) among food bloggers and food-blog readers, I'm sharing the books my reading group has read -- we've been reading together since 1994! Our book club is plenty social, but at the same time, serious about our reading. We hire a 'professor' and we read books in series, by theme. So our list may well inspire other reading groups, both new book clubs thinking about what books to read and established groups looking for new book ideas. Naturally, we're always looking for new themes, new book ideas. If you've got a favorite, please leave a comment. If your own book club publishes your reading list online, let me know and I'll add a link here. The more the merrier! More About the Red Wine Book Club "Writers we admire and reread are absorbed into the fine print of our consciousness, into the