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Easy Easy Radish Appetizer ♥

Today's quick 'n' easy 'n' pretty appetizer! Just thin slices of radish atop a creamy spread like Boursin and a salty cracker like a Melba Toast. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Cal. Low Carb. Vegetarian. Ah, the glory that is summer! For the next few months, we live and eat so richly. There are so many fresh food choices, whether we shop at supermarkets or farmers markets or pull fresh-grown vegetables from our own gardens. It's easy to over-indulge! Luckily it's healthy vegetables and not chocolate cake! For the next while, I'd like to ask a favor: watch for good radishes, perfectly crisp and crunchy – and then buy a few and taste them, really taste them, experiencing the rush of that wet crunch. Because if ever there's a time to fall in love with radishes, it's now, fresh from the ground. Did you know? I didn't until this year, when our garden began to pitch out radishes like crazy, pretty pure white ones this year, hotter than blazes, f

Morning Glory Muffins ♥

Today's muffin recipe: The iconic Morning Glory Muffin, still studded with raisins and apple and grated carrot but better suited to today's food sensibility, with upgrades like butter, whole wheat flour and honey and a secret ingredient. Today' conversation: Things you might want to know about other morning glory muffins, the calories, the Weight Watchers point, how long they take to make, etc. So here's all you really need to know about this recipe for Morning Glory Muffins. It's the same classic recipe, just better, way better. For flavor, it calls for butter instead of oil but just half the amount of fat. The flour is half whole wheat. The sweetness comes from some sugar but also from warm spices and honey and – the real secret ingredient – apple butter. So if you crave a classic moist, barely sweet muffin, studded with carrot and apple and raisins and nuts, this is your recipe, just like I've made it mine. But three things you might want to know abou