Easy-Easy Healthy Holiday Appetizers: Party Rye with Tomato & Cucumber ♥

Party Rye with Tomato & Cucumber
Today's easy appetizer recipe, red and green for the holidays but fresh and festive for summer, too. Just one Weight Watchers point!

Scramble mode, that's me just before a party's to start, that rush-rush hour or so when there will be exactly enough time to get everything done but not a minute, not a second, more. How does that happen anyway?

But here's an appetizer I used to keep in my back pocket, just in case I really ran short of time and the appetizer I'd planned, more elegant but more fussy, just wasn't going to happen. But now I just put these out on purpose, because people like them. There's nothing unfamiliar or mysterious about this, you also can tell, hey, it looks fresh and healthy. So these just go, one by one, some people back for seconds and thirds, until the platter is empty.

I hesitate to call this a recipe, really, it's more like a visual suggestion, an eyeball reminder. Buy a packet of those small party squares (I'm partial to the rye ones, more flavor), slather on a little Boursin or something similar, then add thin slices of tomato and cucumber. The real trick though? The bit of seasoning salt on top!


Hands-on time: 5 minutes for a handful, more for the full packet
Time to table: 5 minutes
Serves as many as needed, I usually allow 2 - 3 per person

Pepperidge Farm Party Jewish Rye
Roma tomatoes, sliced
English cucumber, sliced
Seasoning salt & pepper (don't skip this!)

Spread Boursin over bread slices, top with a slice of tomato or cucumber, sprinkle with seasoning salt. Can be made an hour or so ahead of time, no more.

Pepperidge Farm what? Here's a photo, you'll recognize the long, square package right away, I think. They seem to be sold near the deli/cheese department.
Boursin is a garlicky cream cheese mixture sold in rounds and tubs, here's a photo. For what it is, it's priced high-high-high, the last I looked, $28 per pound. Trader Joe's makes a knock-off but it's not to my taste. I use an extra garlicky version of my recipe for Basil-Cream Cheese Dip as a great substitute.
Check your pantry, chances are you'll have a seasoning salt that will appeal, I happen to like this one, Spiced Tuscan Salt.

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


  1. I haven't had party rye in years! And it's really such good stuff. Great, simple appetizer, and one almost everyone will like. Now I gotta put party rye on my shopping list . . .

  2. Hei, never knew you'd be blogging about humble Estonian sandwiches one day :)

  3. Just without the really good Estonian bread, Pille! But yes, you are so right, I hadn't thought about how similar these little sandwiches are to the open-faced sandwiches I loved so much in your northern neighbor Finland!

  4. Delicious-looking! Sometimes simple is the best.

  5. I think it's difficult to find "decent" Roma tomatoes at this time of year. I might roast the tomatoes first (http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2008/09/pomodori_al_forno?changecurrentdate=true&date=2008/08/05) or use roasted red peppers (jarred or homemade) instead.

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