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Sausage & Cabbage Skillet ♥

Today's quick supper recipe: Supper in a flash, a big ol' skillet of rustic and homey sausage, potato and cabbage that turns quite sweet and succulent. Low carb, even with potatoes; even lower carb with turnip. Gluten free so long as sausage is gluten free. For Weight Watchers, just 6 SmartPoints.
Ever since my 90-year old father came to live with us last spring, supper's been increasingly an adventure as his appetite becomes increasingly less adventurous. In recent weeks, he's asked for salads from an "American" garden (that means "familiar" vegetables versus a plea for locally grown garden vegetables) and "more meat and more potatoes". (And more cookies and more donuts and more ice cream and more pie, but then, that's a whole 'nother story.) Okay then, I'm on it!

This recipe from Lisa at the Homesick Texan is one of a handful of recipes that pleased all three of us at the table and went straight from cryptic notes to a 3x5…

How to Roast a Whole Pumpkin ♥

How to bake a whole pumpkin in the oven, the pros and cons both. Plus, a huge tip, why I've stopped roasting actual pumpkins and instead roast Kabocha Squash (pictured).
WAY BACK IN 2007 I WROTE ABOUT ROASTING PUMPKINS WHOLE IN THE OVEN Talk about easy – just throw the pumpkin in the oven, whole, and once it's done roasting, it slices open like butter, no more finagling with a knife, no more worry about losing a finger. But then, what to make with the pumpkin flesh? (While we're deciding, scoop out the pumpkin seeds to make Spicy Sweet Pumpkin Seeds. They'll help!)

For awhile now, I've read/heard that "canned pumpkin is just as good as fresh". So I decided to figure it out for myself and last year roasted my first pumpkin. What???? You didn't know that??? Well, that's because the roasting process went fine but the pumpkin flesh itself was so blah. And yes, I roasted a sugar pie pumpkin (and not a pumpkin for jack o'lanterns) which by all rig…