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How to Cut Corn Off the Cob:
Keeping All Ten Fingers, Capturing Every Delicious Kernel and Every Drop of Sweet Corn 'Milk'

How to cut corn kernels off an ear of corn using just a knife and a bowl. How to 'milk' an ear of corn to capture the sweet corn liquid. It's easy!
FRESH CORN So many recipes call for "fresh corn kernels" but give no hint, not one, about how to easily cut the corn off those unwieldy cobs. (Hmm. Language question: why is it called an 'ear' of corn? Corn, are you listening? I digress.)

Just take a knife and hack away? Sure, that works. But here's the elegant way to cut corn off the ears, capturing all the kernels in a bowl and catching all the 'corn milk' too.

Some corn
A bowl
A sharp knife
That's all!

Easy-Easy Roasted Zucchini ♥ Recipe

A quick 'n' easy for summer's beautiful zucchini, a "summer" squash. Many thanks to Margie, a reader from Maryland, for sharing this recipe, one she got from a neighbor!
Am I right about this? Some times I think that readers count on A Veggie Venture for vegetable recipes, yes, but even more so as an occasional reminder -- like a speed limit sign on the road, like a string wrapped around a finger, like a sticky note glued to the bathroom mirror – how good familiar vegetables cooked in familiar ways can be.

Roasted zucchini? Not new. The "recipe"? Dead easy. The "special ingredients"? Let's see, onion, olive oil and ground pepper, nothing special there. And yet when the recipe arrived from my friend Margie, it stayed in my InBox until one day, I just threw it in the oven and then ate it, the whole batch, for lunch. And my – was I ever reminded just how good roasted zucchini is!

Falling In Love with Green Beans ♥ Favorite Recipes

Every year, I seem to fall in love with a new vegetable. One year beets, another year corn. Then one year something hit me about green beans – and I haven't looked back since, collecting one new green bean recipe after another. Here are my favorite recipes. Perhaps this is your year to fall in love with green beans too?
Great beans may start with the beans – fresh, snappy, fragrant – but it takes two more things to draw out the most flavor. Once I learned these two "secret" ingredients, wow, there was no not falling in love with green beans.

WATER Cook green beans in what will seem like a lot of water – that means eight full cups for every pound of beans.

SALT What does "well-salted water" mean? Salt the water with a full tablespoon of table salt (or two tablespoons of kosher salt).

BUT AREN'T WE ALL SUPPOSED TO AVOID SALT? Yeah, yeah, I know, salt is supposed to be bad for us and we're told to avoid …