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Of Favorite Cookies & Cookbooks: A Christmas Special

For cookie bakers, No-Roll Christmas Sugar Cookies aren't to be missed, they're the best chewy and butter sugar cookies you might have ever tasted but without all the fuss and muss of rolling and decorating. I'm making them for my cookie swap next week, the - get this! - 19th annual.

For home cooks, savory and sweet both, the Food52 Cookbook isn't to be missed either, it's one of two favorite new cookbooks in 2011. It's a collection of "best of the best" recipes from home cooks -- I think it's fabulous and am giving away a copy!

Head on over to Kitchen Parade, No-Roll Christmas Sugar Cookies (or click the photo) for the cookie recipe and cookbook giveaway. It's easy to enter to win -- US and Canadian residents for this giveaway, please, through December 14th.
MORE GIVEAWAYS? I've started posting giveaways (mine and other food bloggers') on a special bulletin board on Pinterest. Follow me there for the latest! And it's Christmas --…

Holiday Baking Tips + A Cookbook Giveaway ♥

Hello Vegetable Lovers!

Anyone gearing up for Christmas baking will definitely want to check out Holiday Baking Tips from a Certifiable Cookie-Baking Fiend. That "fiend" would be me: during December, your 'veggie evangelist' is turning into a part-time 'cookie evangelist'.

Plus I'm giving away a copy of Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies, the award-winning cookie cookbook by Alice Medrich.

Contest open through December 8, 2011 to readers from across the world - hello, Canadian readers! : - ) To enter, click the photo >>>>>>>

Happy Baking!

Healthy Habits & Win a Kitchen Scale

Happy New Year, vegetable lovers!
This year, oops, that would be last year, I turned New Years resolutions into 'healthy habits' adopted way last summer. One is a concept salad, my Quick 'n' Easy Raw Salad. (We just love these concept 'recipes', right? If you like the idea too, grab it and make it your own way!)

But first, what is your healthy habit? Or what healthy habit would you like to adopt in 2011? I'm giving away a kitchen scale, register to win at Kitchen Parade, my food column and home to seasonal, easy and healthy recipes made from real food without processed ingredients, where all new recipes include Weight Watchers old points and PointsPlus points, calorie counts and nutrition data.

Register to Win a Kitchen Scale!

How to Succeed with Weight Watchers & Win a Kitchen Scale

Sunday is the last day to enter to win a kitchen scale!
This week, I dusted off the tips and techniques I used in 2002 to lose 30 pounds using Weight Watchers, see How to Lose Weight with Weight Watchers.

I invited readers to share their best tips too and boy, have they, all to win one of my favorite Weight Watchers tools, a kitchen scale.

If you don't have a kitchen scale, head on over to the contest to enter to win, it's easy and there are five ways to enter!

~ Weight Watchers recipes ~
(sorted by Weight Watchers points)
~ Low-Carb Recipes
~ Low-Calorie Recipes ~
from Kitchen Parade, my food column

~ Weight Watchers Recipes ~
(zero-point, one-point and two-point vegetable recipes,
including the famous Weight Watchers Zero-Point Soup Recipes)
~ Low-Carb Vegetable Recipes ~
from A Veggie Venture, my food blog about vegetables

© Copyright Kitchen Parade 2010

Win an HP Photosmart Wireless Printer

Please forgive, no recipe today. Instead a special give-away, just for the readers of A Veggie Venture and Kitchen Parade.
For just seven days, between now and April 27, 2009, BlogHer and HP are sponsoring a contest where an HP printer will be given away, ONLY to the readers of Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture. (Okay, well, anyone can enter the contest but I'm only telling my own readers about it.) This means that the odds of winning are very very high!

All it takes is leaving a comment! But you must do it on this page!
~ Win an HP Photosmart Printer ~

Looking for healthy ways to cook vegetables? A Veggie Venture is home to hundreds of quick, easy and healthful vegetable recipes and the famous Alphabet of Vegetables. Healthy eaters will love the low carb recipes and the Weight Watchers recipes.
© Copyright 2009

Win Big with O Olive Oil During November!

Especially for the readers of A Veggie Venture, the good folks at O Olive Oil are offering three great ways to experience hand-crafted citrus-crushed olive oils and premium barrel-aged wine vinegars.
These are truly gorgeous olive oils and vinegars. During taste tests last summer, my nephew -- a teenager! -- declared, "We could drink this!"

He was right -- and food professionals and others agree -- which makes me extra-pleased to offer three great ways for readers to experience such immensely satisfying olive oils and wine vinegars.

Why am I doing this? It's my small way during the season of Thanksgiving (don't miss this year's Thanksgiving vegetable recipes!) to thank readers, for trusting in me, for encouraging me, for sending favorite recipes, for inviting me into their kitchens. Plus, it's no secret that I believe that learning how to make homemade salad dressing is a healthful and frugal habit for families and individuals both. If good olive oils and go…

Save $5 at Whole Foods Through October 22

No recipe right now but I'm going to go out on a limb here -- won't many of us be happy to save $5 after spending $25 on groceries?

If so, don't miss this downloadable coupon from Whole Foods that's good for one purchase a day per customer through October 22. (Me? I'm off to buy ink for my printer. I wonder if there's a coupon for that!)

How did I learn about Whole Foods' offer? I 'follow' Whole Foods on a service called Twitter. You can, too and if you like, you can follow me on Twitter too.

DISCLOSURE: For anyone who's wondering, I have no relationship with Whole Foods (except as a regular occasional customer) and get no compensation from Whole Foods to share this information. They don't even know I'm doing it! But as you know, I'm committed to helping people save money on groceries and if you already shop at Whole Foods, this is a great offer.

ASIDE: Whole Foods recently sponsored a budget meal challenge for food bloggers. Several…

VegetableSpotting: Week 37

All too soon, we vegetable lovers will embrace the vegetables of autumn, the winter squash, the sweet potatoes, the cauliflower. But until then, food bloggers everywhere are reveling in the glut of produce at our farmers markets, truly, our cups runneth over.

Every few weeks, I like to spotlight vegetable recipes from my fellow food bloggers, ones that I think readers of A Veggie Venture might especially appreciate.

VegetableSpotting WEEK 37 - mid September
(click the link for the recipe)

RSS & e-mail readers: My apologies, the ten links above to vegetable recipes from other food blogs don't display in feed readers or e-mail. Please click through to today's post to view the list.

VegetableSpotting - The Running List
Many food bloggers list a 'blogroll' of their favorite blogs on their websites. Recently, I replaced my own blogroll with a running list of VegetableSpotting recipes. Check the lower right-hand corner of any page on A Veggie Venture for the most recent …

Vegetables for Children - Inspiration from Freddie & Alex

Dear Charlotte, Alex and Freddie,

Your new book The Great Big Veg Challenge is an absolute wonder!

Yesterday, the postman handed it over just as I set off to walk the dog. Too curious to wait, I took what was supposed to be a quick peek. Thirty minutes later, I was still sitting in the shade in the front yard with a now-impatient dog, slowly paging through the book, smiling at the drawings and photographs, enjoying the sheer fun of watching you meander your way, A - Z, through the alphabet of vegetables.

In Cabbage, Freddie, I laughed out loud when reminded that when you first ate potato, cabbage and rapini colcannon, you said "This is heaven," and asked, "Are you really sure there is cabbage in this?" This from you, Freddie, the boy who wanted to 'get the cabbage over with, quick'!

In Celery and Fennel and Kohlrabi and Kale, I paused to check out particularly tasty-looking recipes (kale chips? gotta do that one!). Thanks for all the new kid-friendly vegeta…

VegetableSpotting: Week 26

In homage to the return! of Tastespotting and all credit to YeastSpotting, say hello to VegetableSpotting, occasional links to inspiring vegetable recipes from my fellow food bloggers spotted while cruising my favorite food blogs this week.

WEEK 26 - Late June
(hover over a link for my take on the recipe, click the link for the recipe)

RSS & e-mail readers: My apologies, these links to vegetable recipes from other food blogs don't display in feed readers or e-mail. Please click through to today's post to view the list.

MORE VegetableSpotting: VegetableSpotting archive.

© Copyright 2008

Kitchen Parade Extra: Grilled Vegetables in Foil ♥

This week's recipe at A recipe that's become a summer staple, vegetables in a soy and ginger vinaigrette, wrapped in foil and then grilled, so you know, Grilled Vegetables in Foil. So colorful! Beautifully balanced flavor and texture.
Surprise, surprise, more vegetables come off my grill than meat but even then, there could be more recipes for grilled vegetables on A Veggie Venture. Is this the summer? It's a good start, these vegetable cooked in foil!

NEVER MISS A KITCHEN PARADE RECIPE! Kitchen Parade is my food column, the one my mom started when I was a baby and that I started writing after she died - you know, a la Ann Landers and Heloise. The columns are published in my hometown newspapers and online at Where A Veggie Venture is all about vegetable recipes, Kitchen Parade recipes cover all courses -- the Quick Supper recipes are real favorites. But good news: just like here at A Veggie Venture, all Kitchen Parade recipes include n…

Kitchen Parade Extra: Rhubarb Upside-Down Cake Recipe

This week's recipe at My recipe for rhubarb upside-down cake, a classic summer dessert recipe with just a touch of anise. Rustic, homey and delicious.
If you're a rhubarb lover, oh man, the rhubarb upside-down cake is a must-make right now, while the rhubarb's still so good. The column will also catch the eye of gardeners. Who else is battling bunnies?

NEVER MISS A KITCHEN PARADE RECIPE! Kitchen Parade is my food column, the one my mom started when I was a baby and that I started writing after she died - you know, a la Ann Landers and Heloise. The columns are published in my hometown newspapers and online at Where A Veggie Venture is all about vegetable recipes, Kitchen Parade recipes cover all courses -- the Quick Supper recipes are real favorites. But good news: just like here at A Veggie Venture, all Kitchen Parade recipes include nutrition analysis and Weight Watchers points. There's even a special page of Weight Watchers rec…

Kitchen Parade Extra: Sauerkraut Salad Recipe

Today's recipe at My recipe for sauerkraut salad, a great summer salad, perfect for potlucks and barbecues and good old-fashioned summer eating. It's a 'fresh classic', lighter and more healthful.
This week's column introduces us to a convenience food that's too-often overlooked: sauerkraut. What is sauerkraut? Nothing more than cabbage (so it's chopped) that's been fermented (so it's already got flavor) with virtually no calories (so it's healthful).

NEVER MISS A KITCHEN PARADE RECIPE! Who's been missing Kitchen Parade recipes? You know, like that recipe for Lime Chicken so perfect for a weeknight supper? Or light, bright and quick Lemon Asparagus Pasta that so celebrates the best spring asparagus? Or the recipe for strawberry rhubarb cobbler that has people moaning?

If you were accustomed to learning about new Kitchen Parade recipes via announcements here on A Veggie Venture, well, those announcements are a thing of the…

Kitchen Parade Extra: Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Recipe

Today's recipe at My recipe for strawberry rhubarb cobbler, one of spring's classic dessert recipes, topped with a buttery cornmeal crumb.
Thank goodness for rhubarb recipes. Otherwise A Veggie Venture might become altogether too healthful, bereft of sweets and desserts. Once the rhubarb is ready for harvesting and starts to show up in the grocery stores, who can resist a thick slice of rhubarb pie, the perfect balance of rhubarb-sour and sugar-sweet? But for simplicity, an easy cobbler recipe is the ticket, whether a 'plain' rhubarb cobbler or today's recipe, rhubarb and strawberry cobbler.

BUSTED Many thanks to Maggie, a reader who makes her home in New York City on the top floor apartment of a building originally constructed in 1839 as a one-family house. Maggie's apartment runs due north to due south so the northern windows get no direct sun and southern windows and skylights get so much sun that anything short of a cactus would be fried.…

Free Icons for Bloggers: Let's Celebrate Fresh & Local Produce!

Finally! The advent of spring may mean cherry blossoms in Washington but for vegetable lovers, it's the return of fresh, local produce that stirs our spoons.

So I commissioned some icons to help myself -- and my fellow bloggers -- showcase fresh vegetables and fruits whether from farmers markets, a CSA, a you-pick farm, even our own gardens. (Sound familiar? Who remembers Blush the Sweet Tomato?)

So yes, fellow bloggers, you are invited to use these icons in your own blogs in posts and places that feature fresh and local produce. Together, let's help spread the word about the many sources of fresh and healthful produce.

Each icon comes in 400px, 125px and 100px sizes. You're free to use one or more of the icons as you see fit: in posts; in sidebars; to link to a list of your own favorite farmers markets; to link to Local Harvest or your own CSA -- anything creative you come up with that's related to fresh, local produce.

Use them once, use them a hundred times, it's …

Country Cornbread ♥

Today's recipe: Homemade cornbread made supper-substantial with ham, sun-dried tomatoes and cheese. A 'concept' recipe.
Who's looking for good ways to use up leftover ham? Me too, it seems, always. Add a bowl of soup and this homemade cornbread makes for a filling supper. [Note to Vegetarians]

NEXT TIME I'll use bigger chunks of cheese so there are pockets of cheesiness.

LEFTOVER REPORT Don't forget to refrigerate any leftovers, there's meat in this cornbread! This cornbread remained fresh and moist for the second day.

NEW PRODUCT ALERT I love-love-love what I call 'fresh' sun-dried tomatoes. They're not the dried and dusty sun-dried tomatoes that require reconstituting in boiling water, neither are they the sun-dried tomatoes soaked in oil and calories. 'Fresh' sun-dried tomatoes are fat and plump, more like dried plums/prunes. They last in the fridge for several weeks - except that they're easy to snack on, too. Good news, they'…

Kitchen Parade Extra: Tiapinno ♥

Today at, look for one of my oldest favorite recipes, one for tiapinno, the classic Italian fish stew. It's perfect for meatless Fridays during Lent, also for dieters since a hearty serving has only 3 Weight Watchers points. It's making me hungry, just looking at the photo!

Note to Vegetarians

Who missed last week's recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Cookies? If you learn about new Kitchen Parade recipes via an announcement here on A Veggie Venture (which didn't happen last week, by accident), may I suggest a separate subscription? I'm going to phase out making Kitchen Parade announcements on A Veggie Venture since the two sites have increasingly different readers. Just sign up for Kitchen Parade via e-mail or Kitchen Parade via RSS. Many thanks!

Don't forget the special event for Pi Day the week of March 10 - 14th at

SO WHAT IS KITCHEN PARADE, EXACTLY? Kitchen Parade is the food column that my mom started writing for our family newspa…