Seasonal Soup & Salad Recipes ♥ October

Seasonal Soups & Salads for October, a monthly feature ♥ A Veggie Venture, now for autumn, with fresh vegetables and our favorite pantry ingredients.
Seasonal Soup and Salad recipes, ideas perfect for the month of October, all from A Veggie Venture's decade+ collection of 1000+ vegetable recipes. October's recipes are mostly veg(etari)an and call for easy-to-find ingredients. Find your October salad (and soup!) inspiration here ... (Readers from the Southern Hemisphere? Look for your spring vegetable soup and salad recipes in the April collection! I suspect you're the reason that the asparagus recipes are trending!)

About October's Recipe Collection

Have I told you about my nephew's not-yet-sent birth announcements? He's 27.
Have I told you that I still have a to-do list from 2008? I still plan hope to get to it, I really do. Seriously.
Anyone notice that October's soup and salad recipes are arriving in late October rather than the much-more-sensible early October as planned? Please forgive me. #RealLife

I'm working more hours than ever on A Veggie Venture and Kitchen Parade but somehow, each and every day, October's Soups & Salads only recently rose to the very top of my much-too-long priority list. Sigh. More #RealLife

So I might have just skipped October's recipes or even waited until next October. But there's a super-important reason to put out this seasonal list, even late in the month.

It's because ... this year-long effort is done!

An Entire Year of Seasonal Soup & Salad Recipes? It's COMPLETE!

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Quick Lists for October

NOT TO MISS, No Matter What – October
Broccoli Potato Soup 20min/35min–ww3–pp4–sp5–fs4–green4–blue4–purple3–carb11

SALADS of the Month – October
Warm Root Vegetable Salad in Horseradish Vinaigrette 35min/90min–ww4–pp6–sp9–fs6–green6–blue6–purple4–carb23

Autumn Slaw with Apples & Bacon 20min/20min–ww0–pp1–sp1–fs1–green1–blue1–purple1–carb4
Babe's Naked Fruit & Veggie Salad 20min/20min–ww2–pp3–sp5–fs4–green4–blue4–purple4–carb14
Peperonata with Potatoes 20min/50min–ww3–pp3–sp4–fs3–green3–blue3–purple2–carb12
Whole-Grain Salad with Beets, Beans & Corn 30min/4hrs–ww1–pp1–sp2–fs1–green1–blue1–purple0–carb8
Raw Brussels Sprouts Salad 20min/24hrs– ww3–pp3–sp3–fs3–green3–blue3–purple3–carb4

SOUPS of the Month – September
Survivor Soup (Beet, Potato & Cauliflower Soup) 5min/15min–ww1–pp2–sp3–fs1–green1–blue1–purple0–carb11
Slow-Cooker Peanut Soup 20min/7hrs–ww8–pp9–sp10–fs9–green9–blue9–purple9–carb16
Roasted Garlic Soup 20min/24hrs–ww4–pp5–sp6–fs4–green4–blue4–purple3–carb22
Greens 'n' All Beet Soup 35min/90min–ww1–pp3–sp5–fs2–green2–blue2–purple2–carb18
“Soul Food” Sweet Potato Soup with Chicken, Kale & Coconut Milk 35min/2.5hrs–ww2–pp3–sp3–fs4–green5–blue4–purple3–carb9
Curried Butternut Squash Soup with Pear & Coconut 35min/24hrs–ww4–pp4–sp7–fs5–green5–blue5–purple5–carb15

BONUS of the Month – October
The How & Why Guide to Growing Garlic at Home (Plant Now! In October!)

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A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.