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Artichoke Asiago Cheese Bread ♥

Today's fun recipe for spring, a savory quick bread studded with artichoke hearts, olives and cubes of asiago cheese. Who else regularly falls down an internet rabbit hole? What, who me ? who you ? It starts so innocently, doesn't it? Just a mindless click of a finger, following a link or a Pin or a Facebook share, never realizing that ten minutes later, we'll look up, wondering, Now, where was I ? Acck. Our screen-filled lives make it so easy to get lost, to focus intently on something of momentarily great but altogether fleeting import. And then again, the rabbit hole can lead to cheese bread! A savory cheese bread, to be exact, plump with artichoke and if you like, olives too. Last week, I asked if favorite recipes should be added to my small collection of artichoke recipes . E-mail subscriber Louise Black wrote back right away, "We have visited Castorville, California (the Artichoke Capital) many times and eaten at the Giant Artichoke Restaurant there. They se

How to Cook Eggs in a Coffee Cup in the Microwave ♥
Happy Birthday, Alex!

Today's easy breakfast recipe: Eggs cooked in a coffee mug in a microwave. Quick and easy and so very adaptable. Yes, mine includes veggies, spinach and red pepper. And for any naysayers? It's surprisingly good! Hey Vegetable Lovers, This recipe is dedicated to my sister's son Alex, my nephew, who turns 21 next week. If you have any quick and easy recipes that a young man should learn how to make, would you leave them in the comments? Links from bloggers welcome! Dear Alex, Forgive me, won't you, Alex, for remembering the sweet time when you and I first bonded? It was Thanksgiving Day and your mom and I were busy in the kitchen, stuffing the turkey, mashing the potatoes, stirring the gravy. Your seven-month self wanted attention! So I spent the day cooking with you in my arms: it wasn't efficient but it's my very favorite Thanksgiving memory. As you've grown older, Alex, your Generous Heart gets bigger and bigger, it's no wonder that at Stevi and To