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Pumpkin Smoothies ♥

Pumpkin Smoothies, just five minutes and five pantry ingredients. Love your smoothies? Yeah, of course! This one tastes much like a cold 'n' creamy pumpkin pie. Gluten Free and paleo. Not just vegan, " Vegan Done Real ". We interrupt this pumpkin programming – but wait, wait! One more, just one more pumpkin recipe! This is an easy one, one that'll carry you right through Thanksgiving. It's really pumpkin-y, in fact, it tastes much like a pumpkin pie, as if the filling didn't set and has been chilled. It's slightly sweet but really filling.

Baked Pumpkin Donuts & Donut Holes ♥
aka How to Make Small Boys & Handsome Men Happy

A special treat for fall, baked donuts and/or donut holes, warm with pumpkin spices, coated with buttery, spicy sugar. Bite-size goodness! Great for baking with kids, excellent for multi-generational eating! Twas quite the morning, this past Sunday. Males outnumbered females 7:1. Five-year old twin boys. Eight- and nine-year old BFFs. Two dads who've discovered paleo plus one grandpa. Versus ME. It started with a protein fest: platters of eggs and bacon and breakfast sausage cooked crisp. But then I appeared with "breakfast dessert" – pumpkin donuts and donut holes, still warm from the oven and coated with buttery sugar with warm autumn spices. Flash! Donuts here, donuts gone. Donut holes here, donut holes gone. Even the "picky eater" twin who had earlier harumphed out of the room stating that he didn't "yike" pumpkin donuts – even he took a bite, then exclaimed with sugary lips, "I yike pumpkin donuts!" Score one for the lone female