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Best Recipes of 2014 from A Veggie Venture

Your favorite vegetable recipes of 2014 from A Veggie Venture, just one per month, all in one handy spot for easy reference. Yes, this year I'm featuring your favorite recipes , the vegetable recipes which you and I and other readers and visitors come back to again and again, all year long. It's that time of year, the week when we food bloggers look back over a year's worth of recipes and pick our favorites! I love-love-love this process! It really helps us hone our recipe collections, highlighting the best of the already very good, especially for sites like A Veggie Venture and my food column Kitchen Parade which by design, already post only really good recipes, the ones that work, the ones that are special or especially useful. (I'll update this with 2014's favorite recipes from Kitchen Parade too.) But I also love all the many sources of "best of the year" lists for movies, books, gadgets, etc. So this year, I'm collecting "best of the ye

How to Make Norwegian Lefse ♥ Video & Recipe from a Lefse Expert

Something special today, people! I'm proud to introduce everyone to lefse [pronounced LEFF-suh], the soft, foldable, rollable potato bread traditional at Christmas across Scandinavia, especially in Norway. Here to help is expert lefse-maker LeAnne Kruger, who's going to show us how to make lefse step-by-step in a video. LeAnne's lefse is so very tender! Here she shares her recipe, experience, tips and techniques. Oh, I do hope you love this video! So please welcome LeAnne! (Recipe and video below.) A Norwegian Bread, Traditional Especially at Christmas. A Project for the Entire Family. How to Pass On a Family Tradition. Rave Reviews.

Spinach Pinwheels ♥ with Pears & Dried Cranberries

Today's vegetable recipe: A really pretty holiday appetizer, bright-green spinach tortillas wrapped around a pear-spinach-cranberry cream cheese filling. Easy to make, very popular on a buffet table or party spread! Low carb and surprisingly low in calories. It's a tall order to fill but I keep my eyes peeled for easy appetizers that look nice and call for relatively inexpensive and accessible ingredients. Oh and I want them to be a little different but at the same time, still familiar! See what I mean about a "tall order"?! This is the first time I've made tortilla rolls but it won't be the last. These are so pretty! And easy to make! And while I needed to let pears to ripen on the counter for a couple of days (wait! apples would have worked too, without the wait!) but everything else was already on hand.