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Smitten Kitchen’s Avocado-Cucumber Salad ♥

An easy and adaptable salad to make again and again, so many variations yet grounded by the terrific combination of crisp cucumber and soft avocado bound by a light, creamy dressing spiked with a touch of hot sauce. Positively addictive! A Summer Classic. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Naturally Low Carb. Gluten Free. Vegetarian. Great Choice for Meatless Monday! Scales from Small Plates to Large Platters.

Roasted Asparagus with Feta ♥

How to roast asparagus in the oven without oil with no more than a little salt and high heat. That's right, you read that right, no oil! While roasting, the asparagus is topped with feta for sharp bursts of melty cheese. Fresh & Seasonal. A Spring & Summer Classic. Weeknight Easy, Weekend Special. Low Carb. Low Fat. Weight Watchers Friendly. Vegetarian. Naturally Gluten Free.

Green Cabbage Salad ♥ with Fresh Lime Vinaigrette

A quick-to-make combo of thin-sliced green cabbage and other vegetables with great color and crunch, all brightened with a vinaigrette that starts with fresh lime juice and ends with a touch of heat from hot sauce. So good and somehow more "cabbage salad" than "cabbage slaw". Fresh & Ready for Spring. Great for Meal Prep. Low Carb. Low Fat. Very Weight Watchers Friendly. Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real . Naturally Gluten Free. Skip Straight to the Recipe What're You Loving? Me, it's salads. Ask me what I'm hungry for? "Salad." Ask me what's for dinner? "Salad." Ask me to bring something to a potluck picnic? "Salad." Salad, salad, salad. And more salad. It's not a diet thing , it's just what tastes good. It might be the Soup & Salad Effect, I blame credit the deep dives into A Veggie Ventures some-1300 recipes, looking just at the soups and salads from years back. (For example, April's colle

Seasonal Soup & Salad Recipes ♥ April

Seasonal Soup and Salad recipes, ideas perfect for the month of April, all from A Veggie Venture's decade+ collection of 1000+ vegetable recipes. Looking for ideas for windows-open spring suppers? show-stopper salads for Easter gatherings? salads and salad dressings you will want to make again and again? Find your personal salad (and soup!) inspiration for April here ... About April's Recipe Collection April's recipes ride the cusp of late winter and early spring. All but one of April's recipes are vegetarian and many are vegan. All but one call for easy-to-find ingredients — and even the "hard to find" ingredient, dandelion greens, might be as close as your back yard! And then? There are four salad dressings and a challenge, me to you, to "never buy salad dressing again"! Mostly, I'm struck how April's seasonal recipe collection is a "bridge" between late winter and spring: the salads are mostly more substantial and the soups