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Chickpeas with Tomatoes, Spinach & Feta ♥

Today's vegetarian supper, a vegetarian version of one of my favorite suppers of all time. It's made with favorite pantry ingredients (don't we just love chickpeas?!) and fresh spinach and a salty sprinkle of feta cheese.
No surprise, I love-love-love cookbooks, especially the ones that teach, the ones that inspire movement to the kitchen now, the ones that introduce new ideas and new techniques but still KISS (you know, Keep It Simple, um, Silly). So a couple of weeks ago, a new cookbook arrived, one that is getting a lot of attention, one I was so excited to preview. But the truth is, it left me cold. Finding ingredients would require moving to New York or maybe Italy. Fish is great but really, aren't we worried about our fast-depleting fisheries? (Tastes vary. You just might just love this cookbook. But I'm not going to mention it by name because, well, I'm just not.)

But one recipe did fit my it's-winter-and-I-crave-simple-comfort-food mentality. But …

How to Roast Vegetables ♥
15 Tips & A Master Recipe

Quick! Name the single technique for cooking vegetables that we can use again and again, the same method for every single vegetable, without ever once referring to a “recipe”.

Hint: In part, the attraction to this style of cooking vegetables is seasonal. It begins in the autumn as the air turns cool and our bodies begin to crave hearty food to sustain us through the long dark winter. It’s perfect for winter, when a kitchen is an oasis of warmth and our bodies demand fresh healthy food.

Give up? It’s roasting vegetables. You’ll never forget again, once you’ve tried roasting vegetables, whether root vegetables like beets, carrots, sweet potatoes and parsnips or others like zucchini, kohlrabi and this time of year, winter squash like butternut and acorn squash.

Truth is, roasting transforms vegetables. If vegetables were to write a love letter, the page would begin, “Dear Oven: How we love thee. You coax the sweetness from our earthly forms, you transform our color into golden bites …

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes in Slow Cooker ♥

Ever wonder how to cook sweet potatoes in the crockpot? Just throw them into the slow cooker in the morning, they'll be ready when you get home from work.
I swear, my crockpot and I are getting close to BFF status. And all it took was a new outlet! You see, my kitchen is decent size. But all the cooking is done in one corner, albeit one ever-so-efficient corner. What my kitchen lacks is outlets – until last fall, there were only two, one in my work corner and one other commandeered by the coffee maker and an under-cupboard radio. But last fall, an electrician put an outlet in above another counter. What a difference! Now the crockpot (or the yogurt maker or ...) can work-work-work away over in its own corner while I work in mine.

So I've taken to using my crockpot like an energy-efficient oven, cooking stuff I'd never before even considered making in a slow cooker. Like sweet potatoes – yes, really, you can cook sweet potatoes in a crockpot!

What Are Bitter Greens? ♥ Vegetables 101

Everything you'd like to know about the dark, leafy greens that are "bitter". Which greens are bitter? What is bitter, anyway? What to make with bitter greens? Plus, so handy, links to bitter green recipes too.

So many vegetables, so many that are unfamiliar! Vegetables 101 is an occasional series of posts, quick, easy and practical information about out-of-the-ordinary vegetables.

Steamed Vegetable Medley ♥

Today's healthy recipe: Fresh vegetables steamed over an olive oil-onion-wine-broth mixture that is turned into a rich and flavorful sauce for drizzling or dipping. Not just vegan, "Vegan Done Real".
Hey, word dancers! I'm looking for a word, would you help? In a single word or short phrase, I want to instantly convey that this dish is "a whole pile of beautiful rainbow-colored fresh vegetables, lovely to look at, tasty to consume, all in the same dish". 'Medley' is a word that food writers use, 'cornucopia' too. But they don't quite express the healthy wholesomeness that I'd like to express. Is there such a word, in any language?

In the mean time, I'm sticking with "medley", that's the word that Myra Kornfeld used for this recipe for Vegetarian Times' January-February issue. I didn't expect to be knocked over by what is essentially a big plate of vegetables because steamed vegetables, well, aren't th…

How to Make Homemade Vegetable Soup ♥

Today's brand-new master recipe: How to make homemade vegetable soup using whatever vegetables are in season or happen to be on hand or which just sound good.
Happy New Year, all! Are we done with cookies? champagne? fun and frivolity? Yeah, me too. It feels so good to be back to eating healthy food again. Soups like this will help kickstart the new year!

CSA folks, especially are going to love this recipe. Ah heck, I hope we all love this recipe, it posted this morning on Kitchen Parade, see Master Recipe: How to Make Homemade Vegetable Soup. (Easier still – just click the photo!) I'd love to know what you think but here's why you just might like it:

It's a master recipe for soup, getting us started with the right proportions but giving free rein to the choice of vegetables, the choice of cooking liquid and the choice of seasoning.
It's not just vegan, it's "Vegan Done Real".
It's similar to the Weight Watchers Zero Points Garden Soup (and a…