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Vegetables 101: What Are Crudites? ♥ How to Create a Colorful Instagram-Friendly Platter of Raw Vegetables

What do we call those simple-to-stunning plates and platters and trays of colorful vegetables so often served at parties but also, in simple form, at family tables? Let's talk crudités – the what, the how, the why. Wondering what vegetables to use and how to present them beautifully? Here are my very best tips!
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Is there a vegetable that shows up in crudités that you absolutely avoid touching let alone eating?
Is there another that you steer toward, no matter what else is available?
If you're into crudités, do you have any surprise vegetables that you always sneak in?

WHAT ARE CRUDITÉS? Crudités are fresh, colorful and usually raw vegetables displayed attractively in some way, often on a plate or platter or interesting tray, nearly always with a dip or two. You know how grocery stores have those plastic trays with separate sections…