Happy Thanksgiving from the Green Bean Casserole Lady ♥ A Love Story

Happy Thanksgiving from the Green Bean Casserole Lady ♥ A Love Story
Happy Thanksgiving to all who gather today around Thanksgiving tables near and far!
When you have a minute, I have a little story to share ...

Once Upon a Time

A recent widower accepted an invitation to a Fourth of July party. "Bring a guest if you like," the hosts offered so the man invited his niece to be his "date" for the evening. During the gathering hour, the man and his niece mingled with the other guests and conversed briefly with the lone unattached woman at the party. When dinner was served, the three ended up at the same table and with the other guests, carried on the usual party chit-chat about work, family and more. Along the way, it came out that the man's "date" was in fact not his spouse but his niece. As dark fell, there were fireworks ... no not that kind of fireworks, the pyrotechnic kind. :-)

But a spark of some sort was lit because at home that night, the woman googled the man and a few days later, the man called his niece to reveal, "I want to invite that woman from the party to lunch but I don't remember her name. Could you help me find her?"

Enter the Green Bean Casserole Connection

The niece remembered that during dinner, the woman mentioning that she was kind of famous for her green bean casserole recipe, so famous, that if you googled green bean casserole back then, the Campbell's recipe came up first and the woman's World's Best Green Bean Casserole recipe came up second. "I'll check around for you," the niece promised. A few minutes later, the niece passed along the woman's email address and the man sent his first message on a brand-new email account.

"You may not remember me," he started off. "We met at the Fourth of July party and I would like to invite you to lunch." The woman smiled and wrote back right away. "I remember you well and would love to have lunch. Call me ..."

Her phone rang and as they say, the rest is history.

PS The man wants you to know that the woman forgot to mention that the man turned out to be incredibly handsome and charming and a gen-u-wine American football he-ro.

PPS And go ahead, call me the Green Bean Casserole Lady ...

Happy Thanksgiving, All ...

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