Baked Parmesan Tomatoes ♥ Recipe

Today's recipe for baked tomatoes: Just simple tomato halves topped with a little Parmesan and baked just until soft and sweet and ever-so-juicy. Low carb and Weight Watchers ~recipe & photo updated 2012 & republished 2013~ ~ more recently updated recipes ~ 2006 Original Post: Oh so simple! Just tomato halves topped with a few ribbons of Parmesan cheese and a sprinkle of just-snipped herbs from the garden, oregano on some, chive on the other. Next time I will slice a bit off the bottom side of each tomato half, not just the ones that needed help to keep from tipping. Removing a bit of skin also helps the heat penetrate the tomato from the bottom. Next time I will also allow about 10 minutes to cool before serving. These got VERY hot!

Kitchen Parade Extra: Peach Blueberry Cake ♥

In the St Louis area, when you talk fresh, local, sweet and eat-over-the-sink-juicy peaches, you mean Eckert peaches from Eckert Farms in Millstadt, IL, right across the Mississippi River. The peaches came in early this year, before the Fourth, but they ARE glorious, especially paired with blueberries in this country-rustic cake that's featured in this week's Kitchen Parade column. (c) Copyright 2006 Kitchen Parade

Kellogg's Breakfast Tomatoes ♥

Today's quick 'n' easy tomato recipe: Some times we just need a little nudge, right? That's what this "recipe" is, permission to sprinkle good tomatoes with a tiny splash of good vinegar, a touch of sugar and a few snips of fresh chive. Heaven on a plate? You bet. And not just vegan, " Vegan Done Real ". ~recipe & photo updated 2014~ ~ more recently updated recipes ~ Me, ogling heirloom tomatoes at the farmers market, circa 2006: "What are those glorious orange tomatoes? Such glorious color!" Ron Jones, from On the Wind Farm: "Those are Kellogg's Breakfast Tomatoes." Me, in surprise: "Kellogg is my name! I'll take three!" Me, browsing old recipes, circa 2014: "Oh! We have Kellogg's Breakfast Tomatoes in the garden this year! Me, in quiet appreciation of "Kellogg's Breakfast Tomatoes" for, yes, breakfast: Yummmm ...

Cucumber Lemonade ♥

A simple, refreshing summer drink, just cucumber water, lemon juice and simple syrup. Love the pretty green color! ~recipe updated from the Recipe Box, first posted 2006!~ ~ more recently updated recipes ~ "St Louis is a very green city," new friends from New York remarked during a recent house-hunting visit. Then without realizing beforehand, I proceeded to prove them right in an unexpected way, by serving a "very green meal", starting with an unusual tasting, surprisingly delicious and completely refreshing cucumber lemonade. (Those new friends? Nupur from One Hot Stove and her lovely husband Vasant!)

Chiogga Beets with Horseradish Cream ♥

Chiogga beets! Just check out their pretty clear-red skins, especially compared to everyday dirty-brown beets. After that, maybe it's hard to guess how they'll turn out, color-wise? Sliced right after cooking and so still hot, one chiogga beet turned out a pale golden color tinged with pink on one end, and was luscious with nothing more than this . Chilled, the other chiogga beets turned out pale and pretty pink, some paler than others but still ruby colored. They were delicious, drizzled with a simple dressing of sour cream and horseradish. TASTE WISE ... the chiogga beets taste mighty similar to standard red beets except perhaps slightly less earthy. As far as I can tell, it's color that's the major distinguishing feature ... CHIOGGA BEETS with HORSERADISH CREAM Bookmark or print this recipe only Hands-on time: 10 minutes Time to table: 10 minutes Serves 4 Weight Watchers 1 point per serving Net Carbs 9 per serving 1 pou

Kitchen Parade Extra: BLT Pasta Salad ♥

Move over blueberries, peaches and all other summer delicacies ... for a couple of weeks, it'll be nothin' but non-stop tomatoes. High on my list is a new take on the favorite BLT sandwich. It's featured in this week's Kitchen Parade column, a BLT pasta salad . Looking for tomato recipes and ideas? Sam Breach collected more than you can imagine at here at Blogher . Chilled tomatoes? Tomatoes in pasta? tarts? salads? Classics? There's even a food fight. For the record, this is my contribution to the collection of summer salad recipes at My Life as a Reluctant Housewife . Enjoy! (c) Copyright 2006 Kitchen Parade

Dear Anonymous: THIS Is Why We Blog

So it's been kind of a hard week. And then this note arrived from Anonymous and Nan. It drew tears, then gratitude, then resolve. My grandmother who is 98 yrs old and still makes a small breakfast for herself now and then is an avid reader of the food blogs, when she came across yours and the coleslaw recipe she marveled at the fact that some of your readers had never heard of boiled dressing. That is what we had when young and still have at my house. Nan also says the reason they soaked the cabbage in cold water was to "clean it of any critters that might have set up housekeeping in there," at least that was her reason 'cause she did the same thing. We both enjoy your blog and the care you take with your recipes & comments. Thank you! Many thanks, Anonymous and Nan. You just don't know the difference you've made, this day. Blessings many, to you both. © Copyright Kitchen Parade 2006