Kitchen Parade Extra: Plant Sale Soup ♥

Have you planted herbs yet? It's time! Even if only a pot of chive, do!

This week's Kitchen Parade recipe is called Plant Sale Soup -- that's because a local reader makes a big pot every year to sustain the volunteers at her Herb Society's annual sale. I'll definitely be in attendance tomorrow.

This hearty, heart-warming soup is my contribution to Weekend Herb Blogging at Kalyn's Kitchen.

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A Veggie Venture: The Back Story

On April 1st, 2005, I launched A Veggie Venture. That "I" was me, Alanna Kellogg, already second-generation author of the food column Kitchen Parade which my mom started when I was a baby.

Half lark, half April Fool's joke, the goal for A Veggie Venture was to cook a vegetable with new recipes and new vegetables every single day for an entire month. (It seemed so ambitious at the time!)

Why? Because our diets need more vegetables. Because vegetables are too often an after-thought. And because it's easy to get stuck in a veggie rut. But after a month, it felt like I was just getting started. And the asparagus was calling. And then:

after three months, I discovered the vibrant food blogger community and home-grown tomatoes were just coming in
after six months, I was still learning and oh! it was time to roast fall’s squashes
after nine months, the daily rhythm somehow sustained itself and the wintry root-vegetable purees tasted so good
and in the twelfth month, I came…

Asparagus with Anchovies & Garlic ♥

WHAT a winner -- a terrific treat for spring!

This asparagus side -- it's simple, it's quick, it's easy, it's low in calories, it's low in carbs, it's a tad unusual AND it tastes great.

My first-time use of anchovies during December's Paper Chef was so successful, I felt emboldened to try the stinky little fishies again in a warm pepper salad -- also delicious.

So expectations were high for this saute of fat asparagus spears, garlic and anchovies.

But I was completely enchanted -- the asparagus essence remained firmly intact but was at the same time turned into something entirely different.

This is a complete keeper!

Starting out, I wondered if this treatment would be good for fat asparagus spears, also if the stem ends should be peeled.
No problem on either count: the strong flavors are perfect for thick asparagus and there was no issue with stringy skins.FOR THE RECORD ...
Seriously Good is collecting asparagus recipes during April and May. If yo…

Kitchen Parade Extra: Quick Supper: Sole with Mushrooms & Onions

It's that time of year when there's no coming in until near dark.

Neighborhood strolls to devour the brilliant color of azaleas, spring phlox and the delicacy of dogwood and flowering pear. Mulching the garden. Yes, even lawn mowing!

Supper? Oh, right.

A perfect quick supper for spring nights is featured in this week's Kitchen Parade column, a light and simple baked fish, sole topped with mushrooms and onions.

Are fast and easy suppers your kind of cooking? A new "Quick Supper" recipe is featured every month at Kitchen Parade. Just check the Quick Supper archive! Right now I have a hankering for Roasted Salmon & Asparagus. Hmm. Supper?

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Kitchen Parade Extra: Hot Cross Buns

Just in time for Good Friday and the Easter weekend: hot cross buns, redolent with spices. Are the ingredients waiting in your pantry? I'm willing to bet but check for yourself.

Looking for recipe ideas for Easter morning, Easter brunch or Easter dinner? Check here in Kitchen Parade's Recipe Box.

Or vegetable ideas for Easter? Check here in A Veggie Venture's Recipe Box!

(c) Copyright 2006 Kitchen Parade

Day 365: Carrot Cookies ◄

To my proper mind, every good meal should end with a sweet note.

And so here for Day 365 (!), by good luck vs good management, is a carrot cookie that expresses my convictions about food and nutrition and balance and pleasure.

The inspiring recipe was SO! unnecessarily indulgent. It was hellbent on turning a 'healthful sounding' carrot cookie into a double order of fries with an apple pie on the side.

The big issue was two cookies (the double order of fries) sandwiching a cream cheese frosting (that'd be the apple pie).
The sandwich cookie (the one iced Too Much in the photo) racks up 329 calories and, in the Weight Watchers world, 8 whole points -- EIGHT! Have another, why don't you?
After my adjustments, a single satisfying cookie has only 114 calories and 2 Weight Watchers points -- and that's still a lot
My cookies aren't abstemious-tasting in the least. They're very good carrot cookies -- in fact, they're very good cookies, no qualification, especially …

Day 364: Oil & Honey Dressing for Salad Greens ◄

Oil & Vinegar is a standard. But Oil & Honey?

Oil & Honey is the new favorite salad dressing at Diva Marketing, inspired by last month's Zucchini Lemon-Honey Salad.

I had to try it! Toby drizzles olive oil and honey on salad greens. I went a half-step further by misting -- vs drizzling -- the greens with good olive oil, then swirling maybe a half tablespoon of agave nectar over top, then seasoning with salt and pepper.

My report? It's not only very easy -- it's very good, definitely a new standby.

What is agave nectar? It's the plant-based vegan substitute for honey, also a baker's substitute for refined sugar. And Shake off the Sugar reports that agave nectar has a low-glycemic index so is good for low-carb diets.

My only challenge is to not mix up agave nectar with the dog's flax seed oil (on the left)!

FROM THE ARCHIVES ... The Recipe Box has other ideas for green salads but be sure not to miss the Celery & Apple Salad and the Napa Cabbage, Herb &…