How to Eat More Vegetables: Tip #12

How to Eat More Vegetables
We all know we should eat more vegetables. But how, how do we do that, really? What real-life tips and ideas work? How can we build our lives around the healthiest of all foods, vegetables? Every Saturday, the 'veggie evangelist' shares practical tips and ideas from her own experience, her readers and other bloggers.

And now for this week's tip:

How to Eat More Vegetables

"No Time" is No Excuse. Thanks to reader Chris F. for this tip! Chris says she has only about 25 minutes for lunch, not enough time to crunch through a vegetable salad. So she buys bags of frozen broccoli and cauliflower, steams and purées them. For breakfast, she adds a spoonful to a morning smoothie, for lunch, she throws a scoop onto her salad.

The point here is not let "time" -- that is, "no time" since we all live busy-busy lives -- take charge. If it's a priority, there's time. And if it's not a priority? Well, that's okay. But if it is a priority? There's time.

AND YOU? What about you, would this tip work for you personally or perhaps for your children?

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