Quick Bite: Mann's Sugar Snap Peas

A quick snack to keep within easy reach
Happy New Year to All!
No recipe today, just a quick story and a product tip for ready-to-eat sugar snap peas.

My grandmother stood only 4'11" tall. Her body was small but came with a full-size sweet tooth so weight management was always a problem. As a child, I loved to sneak into her kitchen while the grown-ups visited in the living room. Right at the front of the top drawer next to the fridge, I knew, would be a bag of chips, usually chocolate but sometimes butterscotch, the bag torn open at the corner just enough to fit a couple of fingers.

Me, I keep bags of chips safely out of the way in sealed bags inside tins stored at the back of the pantry.

But this week, there in the door of my frig (fridge? keep reading) is a bag of sugar snap peas, prewashed and prestrung and full of crunch and freshness opened just enough to grab one or two. The sugar snap peas are a perfect snack after waaay too much holiday food -- and a sweet reminder of my grandmother. Many thanks to my dear friend Linda for the tip and my first bag of sugar snap peas!

FRIDGE vs FRIG My sister says I drive her crazy calling a reFRIGerator a frig. Sorry, 80K!

JANUARY FORECAST Who's sick of food? Me, that's who but are you, too? I'll be back, soon, with easy recipes for vegetables, the ones I think we all want need after the holidays. Quick and easy. No extra trips to the store for ingredients. Unadorned. Green. Alive. Ones that will make all the Weight Watchers dieters happy, with any luck, the low-carb dieters too.


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  1. Excellent idea to keep those in the front of the fridge. I find snap peas really addictive and a great snack, tasty enough to not need dip.

  2. Thanks to your sister: Fridge! My husband still calls it an ice box...
    Alanna, thanks for 2007!

  3. This is something I always have in my fridge. (Not frig, your sister is right!) I get the big bags at Costco and divide them out into small plastic bags. Great snack at school!

  4. Hi Alanna...Happy New Year!!
    I was wondering if you could tell me what software you use to get the nutritional analysis for all of your recipes? I have been thinking about adding this feature to my site but have only come across very pricey options:(. Any input would be really appreciated!!!
    Hope all is well!!
    you can contact me @ dani@danispies.com

  5. Sorry, but I think your sister is right on this -- the snap peas are in the fridge. :)

    Bring on the WW friendly recipes -- it's time!!

  6. Great idea to keep these in the fridge (now you know where I come down on the frig/fridge debate), especially as I don't particularly love snap peas so one would probably do the trick in terms of satsifying a craving.

  7. Oh I must be on my way to Sam's and hope they have them in again is year! Those are just the very best!
    And a great evening snack with our wine!

  8. Alanna - do you know where that word, frig - came from? It's from FRIGidaire. And maybe they got it from ReFRIGerator. Don't know. But I'm pretty sure there isn't even IS a brand Frigidaire anymore. So you're not completely wrong. I call it that too, although I do spell it both ways.

  9. eatme ~ If one must have an addition, so be it snow peas!

    Susan ~ I think I'll convert more easily to icebox than friDge :-)

    Kalyn ~ Big bags at Costco? Great tip, thanks!

    Christine ~ WW time, for sure! PS Glad you're back!

    Lydia ~ I find one or two just perfect though it's not for not loving them.

    Tanna ~ I'm just imagining the horror of a sommelier asked to pair sugar snap peas with a wine. :-)

    Carolyn ~ Thanks for the tidbit! It's nice to know from whence we came.

  10. I bought several of these packages. I was very disappointed to find that the peas inside the pods were, for the most part (98%), inedible because they were so small. I called their customer service number and the woman made me feel that I was at fault for not buying the right kind of peas.

    I only wanted peas I could eat out of the pod. These, if they have any value at all, are only good if you want to eat pea pods. I hope other people's experience is better than mine.

  11. Oh dear, Lipwak, truth is, sorry, that you did buy the wrong kind of peas. You see, there are two kinds of peas. There are the 'English' peas that I suspect you were looking for. These are ones that develop large peas and while the shells can be eaten, mostly they're not. At least in my experience, fresh peas are so perishable that they're very difficult to find and rarely/never seen at the supermarket and only occasionally during a very short season at farmers markets. And they are very very expensive. I don't know what how you were planning on using the peas but I have great experience with frozen peas -- they're flash-frozen right out of the field, easy to keep on hand and very affordable. I don't pretend that they're fresh peas but for that, honestly, you might want to grow your own.

    What you did buy is the kind of pea that is eaten for its shell, not its peas. There are sugar snap peas, there are snow peas. And they are just delicious, but again, it's not the peas that they're eaten for.

    I'm so sorry you were disappointed but it's no wonder, give you paid an arm and a leg and then didn't get what you were expecting, hoping for and likely counting on.

    I do hope this helps --

  12. Yes, that is a big help. I just assumed that peas in a pod would actually have peas that I could eat.

    Now I know. I guess peas in the pod are out of reach then until they are available at farmers markets or I grow my own.

    Thanks for setting me straight!



  13. Sugar snap peas are a fave here too - but I have to admit, I have a veto on buying them from the supermarket because they're all grown in China....and sorry, but after the various food contamination scares from there, I just don't risk food stuffs from China. I wonder why we can't find sugar snaps of North American origin in the stores? In the meantime, I grow as many as I can in the summer and stash them in the freezer for the rest of the year.

  14. Oh, to eat fresh, in-season fruits and veggies (eg. stringless sugar snap peas)!!! But I totally agree. What with food-additives, deadly pesticides and other 'preserving' (& I use this term sarcastically) chemicals as the norm in world diets, the very least we can do for ourselves is to choose locally-grown produce.

    Wish that that were possible for us all.


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