First Tomatoes! ♥

No salt, no sugar, no oil, no vinegar, no herbs ... just tomatoGet out the champagne! (Or perhaps more fittingly, just a glass of cold water ...)

Slow down. Sit back. Savor. And do enjoy ...

And please forgive my silliness. I was just so pleased to see the first home-grown, vine-ripened and just-picked tomatoes at the Wednesday market last night!

This is the third year to celebrate perfect summer tomatoes -- yes I really do keep a special section for recipes that absolutely call for summer's best tomatoes!

In the first year, I discovered My First Panzanella ("How did I get to be ?? years old without panzanella? All those wasted years!?"). In the second year, it was a recipe for gazpacho that sent me over the top ("all about the flavor of wonderful local tomatoes ..."). Now at the start of the third year, what shall it be ... ideas, anyone?

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  1. How about the perfect caprese salad, because where there are tomatoes, there's often basil....

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2007

    It is just not fair!! I live in the northeast and we just planted our tomatoes - very cool and wet spring - we will have to wait several more weeks before we can even think about tomatoes - but I am picking wonderful arugula -

  3. Lydia ~ Ai, yes, caprese. I had a pizza version last week: yummy!

    Anonymous ~ I do feel your pain! It's the same for me, hearing about California produce, so early in the year. But lucky you, with good arugula still, ours here is bitter already. See, there is justice! Thanks for visiting.

  4. AnonymousJune 14, 2007

    Wow... it must be amazing having your own tomatoes! Yum!

  5. There is nothing that a sweet home-grown tomato. I must say though, I like mine sprinkled with a little fleur de sel - flavours bursting in your mouth.

  6. Oh, lucky you! My mouth is watering for fresh tomatoes now. The ones in my garden are still very small and green.

    I was also thinking of a caprese salad, or a great salsa? Of course, plain ol' tomato sandwiches are always good too. Enjoy!

  7. My favorite way with juicy fresh tomato: grilled tomato cheese sandwiches. Bread, touch of butter, slices of cheese (cheddar or Monterey), slices of tomato, top with a dash of salt and pepper...toast/ grill to perfection!

  8. It's silly, I know, but the first good tomatoes always make me want to dance a little jig as well.

    I like them diced small, with garlic, olive oil, salt, and a small amount of warm angel hair pasta.

    Also, have you ever tried the pasta with tomatoes, basil, and brie from the Silver Palate Cookbook. That's super yummy as well.

    And oven roasted...


  9. AnonymousJune 16, 2007

    Well my first thought was caprese, but Lydia already suggested it :-) But my second favorite would have to be bruschetta! I chop the tomatoes, mix them with good olive oil, a quick dash of balsamic vinegar, chopped fresh garlic, fresh basil, crushed red pepper (the pepper is what really makes it great) and a dash of salt. Eat on toasted sliced Italian bread or baguette (toast on both sides under the broiler).

  10. Penny ~ Truth be told, the tomatoes are from the farmers market, not my own garden. But maybe, some day, some year!

    Cynthia ~ Fleur de sel (or any other good finishing salt ...) is always a good bet. It's even what's pictured. It's just that once I forked in, nothing else was needed, the tomato was so completely perfect all on its own.

    Christa ~ Great ideas, thanks! I will eat piles of tomato sandwiches over the summer, for sure.

    Nupur ~ You've got my mouth watering!

    Tea ~ So nice to 'see' you! It's not even breakfast time and you have me hankering for fresh tomatoes and pasta!

    Nicole ~ Bruschetta! Of course. Can you believe I've never made it? This is the time to fix that!

  11. Ripe summer tomatoes are perfect in a BLT or BLT salad. Those are just gorgeous!


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