Kitchen Parade Extra: Kitchen Classic: Mushroom Soup ♥

Homemade, home deliciousLook at this list of gorgeous soups -- collected from all over the world from soup-lovin' readers and food bloggers -- is growing! Many thanks so all who have contributed so far. But it's not too late! New entries are being accepted through the end of February. How to participate? Scroll to the end of Soup's On.

If your only experience with mushroom soup comes from a can, you've yet to truly experience the simply glory of homemade mushroom soup.

Mushroom soup is such a classic and so easy, to boot!

Supermarket mushrooms will do but I'm lucky to have access to wild mushrooms from St. Louis' 'mushroom lady', Nicola Macpherson whose company, Ozark Mushrooms, grows shiitake and oyster mushrooms nearby on a family farm. Meet Nicola and see how easy it is to make mushroom soup, here in this week's Kitchen Parade column.

Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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