Kitchen Parade Archives: Very Very Green Green-Pea Soup ♥

And may I add, Very Very Tasty?A hazard of food writing, whether online or in print, is the constant hunt for new recipes, ones we're really proud of whether spectacularly simple or simply spectacular.

Once a recipe is published in Kitchen Parade, it's rare for me to revisit it. But by five o'clock on Friday, the first Friday of Lent, the weather was miserable and my spirit not much better. Refrigerator leftovers didn't appeal; being newly committed to counting points (again), I nixed the temptation of a pizza delivery.

Then magic struck, for all the ingredients for this simple soup were already on hand, peas in the freezer, onion in the pantry, spices and oil in the cupboard, eggs in the frig. (Take stock: don't you have all the ingredients too?)

Still, because our tastes and styles do change, I wondered, Could a soup this simple taste as good as I remember? It can! It did! The green color makes it perfect for St. Patrick's Day but it worked beautifully as a meatless supper for Lent too. And if you too are counting Weight Watchers points? That's supper in four points, a cup of soup and a poached egg.

Now that's something to feel proud of. Where's that column again?

It's here, in the Kitchen Recipe Box, of course!

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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