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Top Row, left to right, Gunjan of Vyanjanaa; Alanna of A Veggie Venture; St. Louis food stylist and food consultant Linda Behrends; Middle Row, Lisa of Champaign Taste; Karen of FamilyStyle Food; Nupur of One Hot Stove; Bottom Row, Bruno from Bruno's Dream; special guest Kalyn Denny of Kalyn's Kitchen in Salt Lake CityUPDATE
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One of the great pleasures of food blogging is 'meeting' people from across the world. But it's even more fun meeting people whose kitchens you can come to know, first in the virtual world and then in the real world.

Let me introduce you to some of the best foodies, some of the best foodie friends, ever. Here they are, the St. Louis food bloggers, plus some nearby food bloggers we love to see every chance possible!

[Photo taken in 2006 at the first meeting of St. Louis food bloggers]


(1) A Veggie Venture ~ by Alanna, my own blog and St. Louis' first food blog, with vegetable recipes from Asparagus to Zucchini (2005)

(2) FamilyStyle Food ~ Karen from Webster Groves cooks for husband, two kids and recipe contests and now for clients at DinnerStyle (2006)

(3) One Hot Stove ~ Nupur moved to St. Louis in 2006 and cooks vegetarian home-style Indian food. (2005)

(4) St Louis Eats & Drinks ~ Long-time food writers and husband-wife team Joe Pollack & Ann Lemons (2006)

(5) Bruno's Dream ~ Bruno, counselor-turned-culinary professional (2006)

(6) Iron Stef ~ Stephanie cooks with great curiosity à la Iron Chef, made the Zucchini Baby famous and wrote a great list of classic foods from St. Louis (2007)

(7) - see below

(8) - see below

(9) Cupcake Project ~ Stef offered to make cupcakes for a 2007 wedding. Those cupcakes turned out so well, Stef is testing new cupcake recipes for another wedding. The blog continues! (2007)

(10) StlBites ~ by Bill Burge, a culinary grad and former chef with a point of view about food, restaurants and especially, good coffee (2007)

(11) STL Hops ~ by Mike, a St. Louis beer blog (so we're now officially food & drink bloggers, too!) (2007)

(12) - see below

(13) Is there no way out of the mind? ~ by Kelly from Alton (2007)

(14) Zinur ~ by Natalia, a self-taught chef who hails from Argentina and is taking on the St. Louis food world with Latin-inspired spirit and energy (2007)

(15) Smith Family Recipes ~ by Margaret, who lives in Lafayette Square (2008)

(16) The Cheesemonger's Wife ~ by Annie who lives in Benton Park but along with her husband, will someday move to a small farm in northern Wisconsin and into the life of cheese-making (2008)

(17) The Kitchen @ Serafini Studios ~ Kristin & Gabriel who live in Benton Park (2008)

(18) ~ Bill Keaggy, who, surprise! is now from St. Louis

(19) Shabby Cheap ~ Jenny (2008)

(20) Tempered Woman ~ Lena (2008)

(21) Biscuit Rising ~ Kathleen (2008)

(22) Kara Cooks ~ Kara (2008)

(23) Becky and the Beanstalk ~ Rebecca Pastor (2008)

(24) Adventures in Eating Locally & Everybody Loves Cheese ~ Kim (2008)

(25) "Good food never comes from a box." Seasonal recipes, cooking tips and reviews from a St. Louis blogger. ~ by Amy (2008)

(26) Show Me Vegan ~ "Lisa blogs on vegan cooking, with occasional side trips into music and stuff she loves about St. Louis." (What a great name for a blog from the Show-Me State, yes?) (2008)

(27) ~ by Rachel, "A mother's daily dose on cooking, baking, parenting and being a Mom in 2008. What's life without sweets?" (2008)

(28) Frigidare Pair ~ by Robin & Robin. "Two robins on a food mission." (2008)

(29) Locavore Nation ~ Cher Stuewe-Portnoff is a central-region contributor to The Splendid Table's blog

(30) The Spiral of Seasons ~ by Joy Weese Moll from Kirkwood (2008)

(31) Junipie ~ Everyday cooking in downtown St. Louis (2008)

(32) Eating Well in St. Louis ~ by Andy (2008)

(33) My Everyday Kitchen ~ by Claudia & Kelly (2008)

(34) Countrypolitan Cooking ~ "Updating farmhouse classics with an urban sensibility" by Chris Freeland and Tagert Rowbotham (2008)

(35) STL Delicious ~ "what to eat, buy, cook, and everything else about the good food in St. Louis" by Erin (2008)

(36) Ask Me About My Burger ~ For the love of the burger, by Jason & Jeremy (2008)

Current number of active St. Louis food bloggers (May 2008) - 33

New St. Louis food blogs in roughly a year (May 2007-May 2008) - 26

New St. Louis food bloggers in 2008 (January - May) - 22


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Gut Check A special thank you to the RFT's Ian Froeb, who creates great exposure for St. Louis food blogs

Recipe Exchange from the St. Louis Post Dispatch's food editor, Judy Evans

Off the Menu from the St. Louis Post Dispatch's restaurant critic, Joe Bonwich

Kitchen Conservatory St. Louis' fabulous kitchen store & cooking school

Slow Food St. Louis

Kirk's Traveling Kitchen


March 2008 St. Louis Food Blogger Potluck, hosted by Cupcake Project, see round-ups from Iron Stef and Smith Family Recipes

January 2008 Pie-making and an introduction to SEO, with write-ups from Bruno's Dream and Iron Stef

December 2007 St. Louis Food Gifts

February 2007 Potluck with the RFT's Food Writers

October 2006 Plating, Styling, Photo Workshop

September 2006 Sugar High Friday

Are You a New St. Louis Food Blogger?

Please introduce yourself (that would be to me, Alanna, the self-appointed social director for our group) via e-mail. I'll add you to our mailing list and introduce you and your blog to our group.


(7) Curiosity Killed the Cook New to St. Louis in 2007 but no longer. Her world-wide tour, country by country, dish by dish, was fascinating.

(8) Fried Brain Sandwich Who is Jason Clevenger? (and what's happened to his blog?) (2007)

(12) Fresh from the Oven by Mandy, who's moved to Atlanta. Gorgeous photography. (2007)

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


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