I ♥ Food Blogs: An Announcement

The December 2006 issue of Sauce, St. Louis' great food magazine, features a story -- yes, I'm the author! -- celebrating the world of food blogs.

It features all the St. Louis food blogs and some nearby Missouri and Illinois food blogs too. (Where did we go to high school? Just ask! Here's the current list of St. Louis food bloggers.) Check out the brand-new list of some of my favorite food blogs from across the world too. Where's that story again? Here!

SPECIAL OFFER: I'll send a box of Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolates to a commenter (selected at random from all the comments by December 15th) who identifies a particular sentence edited by Sauce.

Hint: A real asset to St. Louis foodies, Sauce is also proudly MSM, main stream media. (Be nice, commenters, they really can't help it ... which makes it our job to help others understand by being both kind and generous. Plus Sauce has the greatest guide to St. Louis restaurants. And the hardest food quiz you'll ever love to fail.)

Me, the daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter, great-grandniece, niece (three times over) and sister of newspaper folk with ink in their blood, well, I'm unapologetically also a fan of new media, especially, the warm and welcoming world of food blogging. But then, regular readers, no surprise there, yes?

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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  1. Félicitations chère Alanna! Lovely article beautifully written and generous too.
    I can personally attest to your kindness and generosity, you should behold what you have wrought,'Himself' has taken over my tiny kitchen! I have discovered a whole other side of his personality, a calm, careful and meticulous guy who loves to play with food, your site is on the kitchen PC whenever he is in cooking mode, he loves the clarity and orderliness and generosity of your directives and the results always please us. Thank you so much for this! Who knew food and the respect of food & it's proper preperation could have such a powerful influence on one's character? 'Himself' talks about it as his therapy, his escape from the pressures of work, the change is remarkable! BTW his Christmas present this year are a series of cooking techniques offered at L'Institut Cullinaire de Montreal he is one happy camper! Merci again for introducing us to the wonderful worl of food bloggers

  2. What a masterful job you've done of capturing all the essentials about the world of food blogs in one spot. This article should be required reading for any media person who writes about food.

  3. I agree with Kalyn--you packed so much into that one article that it should be on every new food blogger's reading list.

    As for the sentence that was edited, my only guess is "The short answer is no, as blogs are not held to the objectivity and accuracy standards required of traditional journalistic outlets." Sounds pretty MSM. :-)

  4. Wonderful article! And you really captured what food blogging is all about--fostering community. Thank you!

  5. Marvelous writing, I have been so wanting to read an article on this very subject. Being from St Louis as well, I knew of some of the blogs you mentioned, but found some new ones to explore as well. I'm afraid I'm mostly a lurker, and rarely comment-I also blog infrequently-time restraints and a demanding job are my excuses.

  6. You did a fantastic job Alanna! Thanks for including our blog.

  7. Connie ~ You make me blush! I'm so glad Himself is discovering a new side of his Self. Isn't it cool when someone we know well still manages to surprise us ...

    Kalyn ~ Thank you! If there's any one person to thank for encouraging me in the blogging world, it's you, Mz Kalyn. So thank YOU.

    SusanV ~ Dark or milk? ;-)

    Homesick ~ Thank you! It is truly the community which fascinates me about our world. I think your blog is just terrific!

    Mickey ~ Well, hello! Thanks for your note to Sauce editor Cat Neville too.

    Bruno ~ My pleasure. You and Duane do a great job on Zinfully Delicious.

  8. Congrats Alanna - a wonderful article accurately sharing our passion with the non-blogging world. Here here!

  9. Hi there,

    I read this article a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was great! Thanks :-)

  10. Alanna, thank you so much for the lovely chocolates. My family has been enjoying them all week and raving over the different flavors. It was so generous of you to offer them as a prize.

    I'm still away from home, or I'd email you privately. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas with your family.


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