Sugar High Friday: the St Louis Food Blogger Edition

"We start food blogs for reasons a-many ... to record and share our recipes, to stay connected with family afar, to break writer's block ... but we KEEP blogging because of connection and community."

- Current theory, yours truly
One of the great joys of food blogging is getting to know fellow foodies from across the world.

But a second joy, one I've watched with some envy in San Francisco and the United Kingdom, is getting to know the fellow foodies who live just a few miles away, the ones we might run into at the farmers market or the grocery store, the ones whose kids we meet and whose spouses know our last names AND our blog names.

This connection among the St Louis food bloggers (and several other nearby food bloggers we're pleased to adopt!) is just now beginning to form. Many participated in Sugar High Friday and may be new to you. Please say hello to ...

Many of you already know Nupur from One Hot Stove. But wait, doesn't Nupur live in New York? Yes but as soon as her thesis is finished, her new kitchen will be right here in St Louis! For Sugar High Friday, Nupur made her version of a traditional Indian dessert, carrot kheer. I can personally attest that it's surprisingly delicious -- and deliciously surprising!

Next up meet Kirk Warner, one of two chefs in our group of St. Louis food bloggers. He is the former executive chef at King Louie's and Savor, both much-loved local restaurants. Now Kirk is starting a personal chef service called Kirk's Traveling Kitchen and his website includes a blog. For Sugar High Friday, Kirk followed his seasonal style with a cake I am looking forward to making very soon, cardamom-apple cake with molten cider-caramel.

Meet Bruno from Zinfully Delicious, the second chef in our group of St Louis food bloggers. (For those who whine about ovens? Listen up: Bruno is an on-board chef for executive jets. Imagine cooking with no flame.) Bruno and his blogging partner, Duane, have a friendship that dates back to UCity schools. (Duane lives in central Texas and is dealing with medical issues; we wish him and his wife the best ...) For Sugar High Friday, Bruno used puff pastry to make la galette des rois, a king's cake.

Lisa from Champaign Taste is newest food blogger in our bunch. (And no, that's not a typo: Lisa lives in the city of Champaign ... Illinois.) For Sugar High Friday, she dusted off the baking pans for a wonderful-sounding coffee cake, cinnamon crumb surprise.

Then there's Annie from Bon Appegeek, a blog written with great style and humor from East Central Illinois. For Sugar High Friday, Annie has me drooling over these chocolate-filled peanut butter scones.

And then finally there's me, the St Louis food blogger here at A Veggie Venture, the self-appointed ambassador of St Louis food blogs ... and the host of this month's Sugar High Friday food blog event. I made some spice cupcakes and ice cream with a surprise ingredient, parsnips!

But wait! There are more food bloggers here in St Louis and nearby! Here's the current list; watch my blogroll for additions.

Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Alanna! I can't wait to be part of this cozy little community.

  2. Great round-up and introduction to our blogging community... it may be small but we're an amazing bunch!! Great overall round-up too for SHF #23! Thanks Alanna!

  3. Hey Alanna - I think your right that some city needs to give San Francisco a run for their foodblogging money! I'm trying to cull a list of NYC cooking blogs so lemme know if you have any hints on how to round these people up!

  4. I've read about all of the great Italian places on the Hill. So many to choose from. I am working here for the next few weeks and my fiancee is coming to be with me next weekend. I haven't seen her in a month. I want to totally impress her with the most romantic Italian dinner. She has traveled to Italy extensively and knows good italian food. I want great Italian food with a romantic atmosphere, like romantic Italian music playing in the background. So, where do i go?

  5. Oh my, Anonymous, lucky lady, indeed! But I'm afraid I can't help, other than to refer you to the restaurant guide at Sauce Magazine, St Louis' great food magazine (you'll see it in all the coffee chops and food spots). Focus on Dominic's and Giovanni's for an old-style Italian, Lorenzo's for a younger crowd. You might also post on ChowHound, I'm always happy with their out-of-town recommendations.


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