Oh! So Many Surprises!

Hello Sugar High Friday fans ...

Does it happen with every Sugar High Friday? So many entries to this month's Surprise Inside edition used the word 'fun' ... and if there's anything worth striving for in both cooking and eating, it's the fun quotient.

Many thanks to everyone everyone who played along! Each entry was a perfect surprise ... and surprisingly perfect. There were so many surprises: unusual ingredients for desserts (Israeli couscous, brown rice for example to say nothing of the vegetable dessserts, three cheers for those!) and spices (wattleseed, anyone?) and a few surprises outside, too (orange cups and egg cups!). And just wait until you see what we've done with caramel and chocolate and oh my! nuts and oh swoon! fruit. A few extra atta-cooks to ...
  • the Sugar High Friday debutantes - nine ten eleven TWELVE now THIRTEEN! FOURTEEN no! FIFTEEN of you!
  • the Australians, who turned out in force
  • the St Louis/nearby food bloggers, learn more about them here in a second post
[FYI .. I found three four five entries (via Technorati and Google blog search) for which there were no e-mail notifications. This has me worried: if there are others who have been omitted, please accept my apology and e-mail me at blog AT kitchen HYPHEN parade DOT com right away: you'll be on the list in no time! ]

November 16th Update: Sugar High Friday has been featured in the Herald-Tribune of Sarasota, Florida. Writer Laura J. Cullumbine is an SHF fan! Check out her great story (registration may be required).

Surprise Inside: Mom says, eat your VEGETABLES first ...

Nupur from New York, New York (until she moves to ... where? by me?)
One Hot Stove ... carrot kheer

Danielle from Brooklyn, New York
Habeus Brulee ... cabbage strudel and paprika ice cream

JBD from New York, New York ... SHF Debut!
Kiss the Hem of Her Apron ... tomato soup cupcakes

Helen from Sydney, Australia
Grab Your Fork ... banana bread with no bananas

Zorra from Andalucia, Spain
Kochtopf ... Ensaimadas rústicas filled with Cabello de Angel

Carolyn from Michigan
18thC Cuisine ... Asparagus Ice Cream or how to get your kids to eat their vegetables!

Dolores from East Bay Area, California
Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity ... ginger cakes with pumpkin pastry cream


Jennifer from Tupelo, Mississippi
Bake or Break ... chocolate caramel pocket cookies

Sheryl from Den Haag, The Netherlands ... SHF Debut!
Crispy Waffle ... chocolate walnut tart with cajeta

Stephanie from Knoxville, Tennessee
Dispensing Happiness ... homemade Hostess cupcakes & Dulce de Leche-filled Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Jen from Ontario, Canada
The Canadian Baker ... chocolate caramel cookies

Kirk from St Louis, Missouri
Kirk's Traveling Kitchen ... cardamom-apple cake with molten cider-caramel


Laura from Finger Lakes region, New York
Laura Rebecca's Kitchen ... chocolate surprise cookies

Georgia from Sydney, Australia
Mocktale ... butterscotch surprise cake

Surprise Inside: NUTTY STUFF

Brandie from Ohio, USA
Kaji's Mom... A Transition to Vegan ... cocoa surprise muffins

Peabody from Seattle, Washington
Culinary Concoctions by Peabody ... Nutella ravioli cookies

Monisha from Columbia, South Carolina
Coconut Chutney ... honey-walnut wontons

Josie from New York, New York ... SHF Debut!
Flavor Junkie ... chocolate macaroon bundt cake

Deb from Somerset, New Jersey
Here and There ... deep dark brownies

Annie from East Central Illinois
Bon Appegeek ... chocolate-filled peanut butter scones

Bruno from St Louis, Missouri
Zinfully Delicious ... la galette des rois (king's cake)

Ivonne from Toronto, Ontario
Cream Puffs in Venice ... phyllo pockets with mascarpone, blackberries and marcona almonds

Surprise Inside: CHOCOLATE

Karen from New York, New York
A Couple of Tarts ... rolo cookies

Julie from The Hague, The Netherlands
Tasting Life ... brownie explosions

Elena from Singapore ... SHF Debut!
Experiments ... super super choco high cupcakes

Brilynn from Canada ... SHF Debut!
Jumbo Empanadas ... treasure boxes

Lauren from Washington, DC ... SHF Debut!
The Foodies File ... chocolate-filled cupcakes

Ginny from Paris, France
La Petite Chinoise ... the triple surprise williams

Ulrike from Kronshagen, Germany
Küchenlatein ... chocolate surprise

Barbie from somewhere on the West Coast, U.S.
Barbie2B ... molten lava cakes

Sam from Toronto, Ontario
Sweet Pleasure ... chocolate tarts

Chispy from Longview, Washington
Experimentation of Taste ... steamed bao

Annie from East Central Illinois
Bon Appegeek ... chocolate-filled peanut butter scones

KT from Los Angeles, California
Gastronomy 101 ... red fire brownie bites


Abby from Winston-Salem, NC ... SHF Debut!
Confabulation ... pear upside down cake

Vidya from Tsuruoka, Japan ... SHF Debut!
Foodie Confidential ... vermicelli and milk pudding aka Semiya Paayasam

Ashley from Bellingham, WA ... SHF Debut!
Artisan Sweets ... orange cranberry muffin (which is more surprising, the inside or the outside?)

Haalo from Melbourne, Australia
Cook (almost) Anything Once ... moghrabieh custard with kaffir lime leaf syrup

I-Ling (ilingc) from Melbourne, Australia
Feed Me! I'm Hungry! ... two friands, raspberry surprise friands and green tea chocolate surprise friands

Sheena from Ottawa, Ontario ... SHF Debut!
The Casual Baker ... Two-Bite Sticky Rice Cakes

Michelle from Portland, Oregon
Je Mange la Ville ... Cinnamon & Brown Rice Creme Brulee

Cindy from Melbourne, Australia
A Few of My Favourite Things ... Wattleseed Pecan-Crumble Espresso Cupcakes

Mary from San Francisco, California
AlpineBerry ... curried chocolate brownies

Marie-Laure from Antony, France
Autres délices ... chocolate curry muffins

June from Jakarta, Indonesia (posting for the first time since November!)
June's blog ... hidden black beauty

Surprise Inside: CREAMY GOODNESS

Anita from San Francisco, California
Dessert First ... cupcakes of love

Linda from Vancouver, British Columbia
Kayaksoup ... cardamom babycakes

Faith from Orlando, Florida
Mekudo Cooking ... nectarine coconut surprise

Rebecca from Sydney, Australia
CucinaRebecca ... ricotta and chocolate strawberries

Helene from ?
Tartlette ... creme brulee egg cups

Surprise Inside: FRUIT

Elf from Cambridge, MA
The Kosher Blog ... berry meringue torte

Jennifer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Weekly Dish ... marmalade muffins

Claire from Clinton, MS
Cooking is Medicine ... Aunt Helen's Filled cookies

Ellie from Melbourne, Australia ... SHF Debut!
Kitchen Wench ... Nigella’s Strawberry Sour Cream Streusel Cake

Bea from Boston, MA
La Tartine Gourmande ... Pouches with Vanilla-Flavored Plum and Custard

Lisa from Champaign, IL ... SHF Debut!
Champaign Taste ... cinnamon crumb surprise

Emily from South Jersey, New Jersey
Appetitive Behavior ... chocolate merlot cupcakes

I-Ling (ilingc) from Melbourne, Australia
Feed Me! I'm Hungry! ... two friands, raspberry surprise friand and green tea chocolate surprise friands

Vaishali from Dusseldorf, Germany (on her way back to ... where?) ... SHF Debut!
Happy Burp ... jam-in-the-hole muffins

Ginny from Paris, France
La Petite Chinoise ... the triple surprise williams

Becke from Columbus, OH ... SHF Debut!
Columbus Foodie ... Mom's Jewish Apple Cake

JenJen from Sydney, Australia
Milk and Cookies ... fortune cookies

Lara from Seattle, Washington
Cookbook 411 ... plum-stuffed roasted pears aka crouching pears, hidden plums

Sam from San Francisco, California
Becks & Posh ... Pierre Hermé bittersweet truffles with lime and honey

SurfinDaave from Southern California, USA
The Serendipitous Chef ... Bavarian fig pastries with fig and pomegranate compote

Eric from Mississauga, Ontario
Do You Know the Muffin Man ... lemon muffins

Susan from Mississippi, USA
Fatfree Vegan Kitchen ... peach and pluot gyoza

Elise from Carmichael, California
Simply Recipes ... apple turnovers

That's all until next month, folks!

[Update: Cook Sister! is hosting SHF24 on October 27th]

Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


  1. What an unbelievable list, Alanna!

    You did a tremendous job and are to be congratulated on theme. It was a great one.

    By the way, sorry for not e-mailing you!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful round-up, Alanna! I see so many entries here that I just *have* to try out! I second Ivonne, the theme was really fun. Thanks for hosting :)

  3. That's a huge round up, thanks for hosting, this was my first time participating in sgh, it's a great event.

  4. Lots of fun stuff! I guess that I was just a little impatient! BTW, I was a first-timer as well. Oh, one of the links doesn't take you to the right place. The one for raspberry something (in the fruit section, someone from Australia) took me to Cookie Madness. I don't know if it's just me or otherwise. Just thought I'd give you a heads up! Thanks for hosting...can't wait til next time.

  5. Hi Alanna -- wonderful round-up. Thank you for hosting! (By the way, it was my first time participating, as well...)

  6. Thanks for hosting Alanna! I am going to save this page in my favorites as there are so many recipes I'd love to try!

  7. Am I counting right? 68 entries! It must have taken you forever to do this. Great job!!

  8. I was a SHF debutante, too. (So fitting, as I'm Southern.) It was lots of fun and I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT TIME. Thanks for your hard work!

  9. Wow! That is one big round up! Lots to look through

  10. didn't gat to participate this time around, but ti's enough to just brose through all the entries. fabulous theme and a great job of rounding it all up!

  11. Thanks, Alanna, for a great theme. It is wonderful to see so many entries and such good looking food!

  12. This may be the most exciting SHF round-up I've ever seen. Wow!

  13. No surprise that there were so many fabulous entries! Thanks for a speedy round-up of all of them; this was a fun event!

  14. Congratulations on the success!! So many many wonderful entries! Was a great event and I'm happy to be a part of it! It was my first time too, and I'll be looking out for the next one!

  15. Great list!!! I'll be joining in for the next one... does anyone know who's hosting that?

  16. Your theme just rocked, Alanna. We were bound to come up with surprises, you know. I mean, I would have been surprised, had you not got so may interesting entries. (Let me stop before I try to wring more puns out of that word. :))

  17. By the way, I to am a debutante as far as SHF is concerned. Just wanted to let you know. :)

  18. Hi Alanna, Thanks for picking a such a fun theme. And for being such a wonderful host!

  19. Hi Alanna,

    Thanks again for hosting, you did a wonderful job with the round-up and the theme was fantastic. Yay!

  20. Hi Alanna,
    A belated thank you on hosting this event and knocking yourself out with the round-up of participants. Thank you so much for such great inspiration!

  21. hey Alanna
    That was real fun... any idea who's hosting the next SHF (SHF24)??

  22. Hiya Vidya ~ Sorry, I haven't heard yet. Watch the Domestic Goddess, also Sticky Date and Is My Blog Burning (links to the right ...) and I'll post here too.


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