Kitchen Parade Quick Supper Extra: Maple Glazed Salmon ♥

Just check out this gorgeous salmon, glazed with maple syrup and soy sauce, spiked with pepper and featured in this week's Kitchen Parade column.

It's a family recipe from my Canadian cousin Lynda who's one terrific cook. I've made it sooo many times ...
with wild salmon from my favorite St Louis fishmonger Bob's Seafood, with salmon steaks from Trader Joe's, and then as shown here for a small crowd, with a big slab of salmon from Sam's or Costco. All are delicious!

And if you like the looks of the lemony zucchini, they're roasted at the same oven temperature (500F!) and pair beautifully with salmon ... so do feta-stuffed zucchini boats and summer lentils.

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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