Sautéed Broccoli Slaw ♥

Sautéed Broccoli Slaw, another super simple vegetable ♥ Vegan. Weight Watchers Friendly. Fresh & Adaptable.
What can you make with one of those ready-to-eat bags of broccoli slaw besides coleslaw? Just toss it with a little olive oil and onion in a skillet and in five minutes, you've got a great side dish or meal prep base for supper salads. This, my fellow cooks, is convenience food at its very best: quick, healthy, adaptable. Grab a bag with your next grocery run!

Real Food, Fast & Casual. Just Two Ingredients! Not Just Easy, Summer Easy. Year-Round Kitchen Staple. Budget Friendly. Little Effort, Big Taste. Weeknight Easy. Easy Meal Prep. Low Carb. Low Fat. Weight Watchers Friendly, Zero Points! Not just vegan, Vegan Done Real. Naturally Gluten Free. Whole30 Friendly.

Talk About Convenient, These Bags of Clean, Prepped Vegetables

Check the produce section in your grocery store. New "added value" (as the food industry calls them) fresh-food products pop up, some times in plastic clamshells, more often in specially treated sealed bags. Fresh mixed salad greens. Ribbons of fresh cabbage for coleslaw. Tubs of fresh spinach and arugula, all washed and ready to go.

Yes, the emphasis here belongs on the word fresh, but also, for time-pressed cooks like so many of us, pre-cut and pre-washed. Tis a miracle, really ...

Just One Caution

Do watch the Best Buy dates on these packages, even a day can make a difference between first-class fresh and skunky-sour. Bring home a bag and use it, asap!

A fresh head of broccoli would keep in the fridge for a week or more, a head of cabbage a couple of weeks. A bag of cabbage slaw? or even broccoli slaw? You've got a couple of days, max.

So when you bring home a bag of "julienned hearts of broccoli, carrots & red cabbage" sure, it's easy to throw together a quick coleslaw, I go all-in for convenience with this slaw, Easy Coleslaw with Blue Cheese & Apple.

But call me enchanted by what happens to broccoli slaw when it's sautéed in a skillet with a little olive oil and onion. (Yep, that's the short version of the recipe!) So many things to love!

The broccoli stalks are julienned (cut in thin lengths) so it cooks super fast, just a few minutes for "al dente" or a few more for "soft and noodle-y". Much quicker than zucchini noodles!
It tastes so good! If you love the tender sweetness of broccoli stalks, you'll love broccoli slaw.
Once it cooks, the sautéed slaw keeps for several days and tastes good eaten cold or rewarmed.
This is important because much to my surprise, broccoli slaw doesn't cook down. You end up with nearly six cups of sautéed broccoli stalks, talk about a good way to stretch a pound of broccoli.
It's pretty! The pretty green color is especially welcome in spring and summer.

You Might Wonder Be Wondering ...

Have another question? Ask away, I'll do my best to answer!

Okay, so they're convenient. But are they any good? Not Always But Often Enough to Keep Buying Them. Brands vary. Storage varies. The most important factor a home cook can control is to heed the Best By date when purchasing and when cooking.

Where do you find broccoli slaw? Look for broccoli slaw in a grocery store's produce department near where it sells bags of cabbage slaw.

Can you make your own broccoli slaw? Sure. Pull out your mandolin and remind yourself how to safely use one. Wash and trim the several pounds of broccoli needed to yield a full pound of broccoli slaw taken from the stalks alone, no crowns or broccoli florets, thank you. Now spend a good while scraping the stalks against the mandoline. Sure, you do this. I'll see you some time next month. Just buy a bag, okay? Unless you need just a few bits for garnish or something.

Do you need a special pan? No. That said, if you have a good non-stick skillet, now's the time to pull it out. I live and die by this Cuisinart non-stick skillet with a glass lid at least once a day. It's sooo handy to be able to check on what's cooking without lifting the lid and releasing all that heat. I adore this pan. So far, it's lasted a good three years with heavy use, more than any other pan in my kitchen.

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Sautéed Broccoli Slaw, another super simple vegetable ♥ Vegan. Weight Watchers Friendly. Fresh & Adaptable.


Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 15 minutes
Makes a scant 6 cups

1 tablespoon olive oil
4-5 green onions (scallions), green and white parts, chopped
16 ounces (454g) bag of broccoli slaw
Salt & pepper to taste (lemon pepper is nice!)
1/2 cup water + more as needed

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet with a cover on medium heat until shimmery, then stir in the green onion and let cook for a minute. Stir in the broccoli slaw, probably in three or four batches since it's voluminous, stirring to coat with fat. Season with salt and pepper and stir well again. Add the water, cover and let cook for about five minutes, watching to make sure the water doesn't run dry. Check a small bite for doneness and flavor, then if needed, add additional salt and pepper and/or more water, re-cover and continue cooking until the water cooks off and the slaw is seasoned to taste. Serve hot or cold.

LEFTOVERS keep for several days.

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