Warm German Potato Salad Recipe ♥

Today's vegetable recipe: A classic German potato salad, served warm tossed in a slightly tart sauce flavored with mustard, vinegar and celery seed. Talk about a perfect outdoor supper: sliced tomatoes, just-ground sausages hot off the grill -- plus this warm potato salad, a classic German-style potato salad, homey rustic food at its best. Which of the three was the favorite of the meal? A toss-up, they really worked together. I'd cooked the potatoes ahead of time so the salad itself took just 15 minutes to make. But when the sausages took longer than expected, I was pleased that the salad was patient, I just kept it on low on the stove. This potato salad is made entirely with pantry ingredients so chances are, if you've got potatoes, you can make a German potato salad. POTATO RECIPES from the ARCHIVES ~ My Mom's Potato Salad , a classic potato salad recipe ~ ~ Bubble & Squeak , the English classic ~ ~ Those Pink Potatoes , scalloped potatoes & beets, a great

VegetableSpotting: Week 26

In homage to the return! of Tastespotting and all credit to YeastSpotting , say hello to VegetableSpotting, occasional links to inspiring vegetable recipes from my fellow food bloggers spotted while cruising my favorite food blogs this week. WEEK 26 - Late June (hover over a link for my take on the recipe, click the link for the recipe) RSS & e-mail readers: My apologies, these links to vegetable recipes from other food blogs don't display in feed readers or e-mail. Please click through to today's post to view the list. MORE VegetableSpotting: VegetableSpotting archive . © Copyright 2008

Kitchen Parade Extra: Grilled Vegetables in Foil ♥

This week's recipe at A recipe that's become a summer staple, vegetables in a soy and ginger vinaigrette, wrapped in foil and then grilled, so you know, Grilled Vegetables in Foil . So colorful! Beautifully balanced flavor and texture. Surprise, surprise, more vegetables come off my grill than meat but even then, there could be more recipes for grilled vegetables on A Veggie Venture. Is this the summer? It's a good start, these vegetable cooked in foil! NEVER MISS A KITCHEN PARADE RECIPE! Kitchen Parade is my food column, the one my mom started when I was a baby and that I started writing after she died - you know, a la Ann Landers and Heloise. The columns are published in my hometown newspapers and online at . Where A Veggie Venture is all about vegetable recipes, Kitchen Parade recipes cover all courses -- the Quick Supper recipes are real favorites. But good news: just like here at A Veggie Venture, all Kitchen Parade recipes

Greek Zucchini Pie ♥ Recipe

Today's vegetarian recipe: A Greek recipe for Kourkouto with Zucchini (κουρκούτo με κολοκυθάκια), not quite quiche, not quite bread pudding, not quite frittata, served hot or at room temperature so good for brunch or light supper. Kalofagas means 'gourmet' in Greek and it's the perfect name for the Canadian food blog which celebrates -- make that CELEBRATES! -- traditional Greek food. Kalofagas is a not-to-miss food blog. Peter Minakis lives and breathes Greek cuisine / home cooking in the way some (who?!) live and breathe vegetables. When he described this recipe for a zucchini pie as a "cheater's pita" and "somewhere between a quiche and a frittata, utilizing Greek ingredients" I couldn't wait to make it. (True confession: while this same affect occurs many times a day, perhaps one of a hundred recipes actually get made.) My own take is that it's as much a bread pudding, especially when baked in a pie plate versus a larger sheet pan. I

Raw Beet, Carrot & Kohlrabi Salad ♥ Colorful Salad Recipe

Today's salad recipe: Colorful salad of raw grated vegetables, raw beet, raw carrot and raw kohlrabi. Low carb. Weight Watchers 1 point. It's no surprise to regular readers that I love-love-love recipes for beets . (There's even a beet rivalry. Am I the reigning 'beet queen'? Or is my friend the beet princess gaining ground?) In part, it's because once beets (what the beet princess calls beetroot) are cooked (whether roasted , boiled or microwaved ), there are so very many different ways to use them. Once they're cooked, beets are the ultimate convenience vegetable. Just look at all the quick recipes which call for cooked beets , each recipe is marked with this symbol . But -- raw beet? Really?! Last week at the farmers market, Ronnie from On the Wind Farm mentioned that his wife chops up raw beet and carrot for a salad. And here it is -- isn't the color glorious?! Thank you, Ronnie, for the great tip! Because the pieces are so small, if you didn't

VegetableSpotting: Vegetable Recipes from Food Blogs

Year round, I am inspired by food bloggers from across the world who publish their best vegetable recipes, spring, summer, fall and even winter. This is a collection of their most enticing seasonal vegetable recipes, for your enjoyment, your inspiration. The list is updated nearly every day, so visit often for new and seasonal vegetable recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers. My Running List of Inspiring Vegetable Recipes (updated nearly every day) © Copyright 2008

Product Tip: Ajvar Red Pepper & Eggplant Spread on Finncrisp ♥

Today's food tip: Ajvar, a spread made of red peppers and eggplant. Low carb. Weight Watchers 0 points. Are there days when you 'can't see for looking'? You know, when you're trying to find the car keys, your cell phone, something you need right now and is nowhere to be found? And then, there it is, right under your nose, just like it was the whole time you searched? So it is with ajvar, one of the rare prepared convenience foods I'm happy to stand up and shout about. There's always a jar in the fridge, my cousins and friends have even carried jars of it home on planes! Why have I not written about it before? Couldn't see for lookin'. Why ajvar is so good: Simplicity - nothing more than red pepper, eggplant (in many brands), a little vinegar, a touch of oil and sugar (in some brands). Color - a smoky orange Taste & Texture - pure red pepper, smooth but with mouth feel Heat - mild and hot, usually, I like both Calories - hardly any, especi