Raw Beet, Carrot & Kohlrabi Salad ♥ Colorful Salad Recipe

Today's salad recipe: Colorful salad of raw grated vegetables, raw beet, raw carrot and raw kohlrabi. Low carb. Weight Watchers 1 point.

It's no surprise to regular readers that I love-love-love recipes for beets. (There's even a beet rivalry. Am I the reigning 'beet queen'? Or is my friend the beet princess gaining ground?) In part, it's because once beets (what the beet princess calls beetroot) are cooked (whether roasted, boiled or microwaved), there are so very many different ways to use them. Once they're cooked, beets are the ultimate convenience vegetable. Just look at all the quick recipes which call for cooked beets, each recipe is marked with this symbol .

But -- raw beet? Really?! Last week at the farmers market, Ronnie from On the Wind Farm mentioned that his wife chops up raw beet and carrot for a salad. And here it is -- isn't the color glorious?! Thank you, Ronnie, for the great tip! Because the pieces are so small, if you didn't know the vegetables were raw, well, you wouldn't. This salad lasted for a couple of days, the texture and color stayed good so I wouldn't hesitate to make a big batch. That said, it's easy enough to put together 'just enough' for now.

I brightened the earthy vegetables with fresh dill, to my taste a brilliant choice. No surprise, since Carrot Coins with Dill is so good, so is Beet Röesti.

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Hands-on time: 15 minutes
Time to table: 15 minutes
Serves 4

1 generous pound total of beets, carrot and kohlrabi, trimmed
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon honey
Zest and juice of a lemon
Fresh dill, chopped
Few drops of Tabasco

Grate the beet. (There's no need to peel, the grater will just push the skins back.) Grate or chop the carrot using a mandoline / Benriner. (There's no need to peel.) Slice off the thick skin of the kohlrabi with a knife, then grate or chop using a mandoline. Toss with the remaining ingredients.

My thinking: the smaller the beets, the more tender they'll be and the easier to cut up while raw. That said, I did find the beet fussy to slice on the mandoline and switched to a grater with large holes.
I used kohlrabi to fill out a small supply of carrot and beets. So kohlrabi is optional but it was easier to cut with the mandoline and has the same texture as the beets and carrots so worked quite well, actually. It also picked up the beet color so honestly, there was no telling the salad wasn't half beet and half carrot.
Anyone new to the sharp blade of the slicer called a Benriner or mandoline will want to review tips for safely using a Benriner / mandoline

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Alanna Kellogg

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  1. I made kohlrabi too! I need to try it in a salad though. This looks delicious.

  2. Yay! Another recipe for kolrabi. And I share your love of beets.

  3. Saw my first fresh beets of the season at the farmers' market this week. In the winter, I've been using the fresh pre-cooked beets that I find at Trader Joe's or sometimes in the produce section of my supermarket.

  4. You're still the reigning queen, dear Alanna :) I've made a Nigella Lawson's raw beetroot salad with dill and mustard seeds couple of times (see 8.8.2007 post). Will try combining raw beetroot with carrots soon then!!

  5. I love raw grated beet salad too - and just made some today as one of the accompaniments for our falafel lunch. I usually add a carrot and apple but remarkably we had neither of those today. To sweeten it, I added a bit of finely chopped onion, Thompson raisins, grainy mustard, cloves, coarsely ground dill seed, a tiny amount of hot pepper flakes, chopped parsley, salt, pepper and cider vinegar. Then a little olive oil to smooth it all out.

    Aren't beets wonderful?


    P.S. This salad is great at Christmas too - refreshing with all the other rich foods AND it's so festive looking!

  6. Forgot to mention that I had to look up Kohlrabi on Wikipedia... so THAT'S what that vegetable is! I've seen it many times but never tried it.


  7. AnonymousJune 22, 2008

    Can't wait to try this one. Love beets, too. I like them cooked with blue cheese and nuts. Yum!

  8. i get jicima would be great in that salad too!

  9. Oh Alanna...I hope you don't mind, I just had to "grab" this recipe link to include in a post I did today for National Salad Week. I hope you don't mind.

    Thank you so much for sharing..


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