Easy Easy Radish Appetizer ♥

Fall in love with summer's best radishes! Just thin slices atop something creamy like Boursin and salty like Melba toast. Easy appetizer!
Today's quick 'n' easy 'n' pretty appetizer! Just thin slices of radish atop a creamy spread like Boursin and a salty cracker like a Melba Toast. Weight Watchers Friendly. Low Cal. Low Carb. Vegetarian.

Ah, the glory that is summer! For the next few months, we live and eat so richly. There are so many fresh food choices, whether we shop at supermarkets or farmers markets or pull fresh-grown vegetables from our own gardens. It's easy to over-indulge! Luckily it's healthy vegetables and not chocolate cake!

For the next while, I'd like to ask a favor: watch for good radishes, perfectly crisp and crunchy – and then buy a few and taste them, really taste them, experiencing the rush of that wet crunch. Because if ever there's a time to fall in love with radishes, it's now, fresh from the ground. Did you know? I didn't until this year, when our garden began to pitch out radishes like crazy, pretty pure white ones this year, hotter than blazes, from miniatures half the size of the tip of your little finger to "giant" ones maybe an inch across. But here's the thing, radishes are a "root" vegetable but the radish bulb lives in a half-in and half-out state, half in the ground, half out. So cool to watch them grow!

This recipe is so quick and easy that I'm adding it to a growing collection of easy summer recipes published all summer long at Kitchen Parade, my food column. With a free Kitchen Parade e-mail subscription, you'll never miss a one!


Hands-on time: 10 minutes
Time to table: 10 minutes
Serves one to a hundred!

Something creamy like Boursin
Something salty like a Melba Toast cracker
Fresh radishes, sliced thin
Fresh chive or another fresh herb, for garnish

Up to an hour before serving, spread "something creamy" on "something salty" and top with a slice of radish and a bit of fresh chive. That's it! Quick 'n' easy 'n' pretty!

MELBA TOASTS No, this isn't a sponsored post, I just love these little toasts! First the ingredient list is spot-on: nothing more than wheat flour, salt, yeast, molasses, distilled vinegar and dextrose. (What the heck is dextrose? A good explanation is here but essentially it's used as a browning agent in things like baked goods.) Second, each cracker is only 20 calories! Source: Melba Toast Nutrition Information. They are extra-crisp which makes them perfect for miniature appetizers or even mini sandwiches.
BOURSIN & OPTIONS I love this creamy-buttery stuff but it's pricey-pricey. The best price I've seen is at Trader Joe's but the stock is unreliable. For these radish appetizers, I used a "homemade Boursin" recipe that's close, it's an extra-garlicky version of Basil Cream Cheese Dip. This Creamy Feta Mousse would work beautifully. I did something similar a few years back, using Laughing Cow.

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


  1. They look great - quick and easy is always a winner. Love the blue plate too!

  2. Radishes definitely don't get enough love. But we've been seeing great ones at the farmer's market recently. I love the idea of this appetizer -- really nice way to show case radishes. We had an interested roasted radish bruschetta at a local restaurant recently (Pastaria, for those of you in St. Louis) -- it had never occurred to me to roast radishes before! I usually serve them raw (as in this dish) or maybe in a marinade. Anyway, this is a dish I can make in a jiffy, which I like (and who doesn't need more of those?). Thanks.

  3. A radish appetizer sounds interesting. I so love radish this time of the year.


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