How to Eat More Vegetables: Tip #2

We all know we should eat more vegetables. But how, how do we do that, really? What real-life tips and ideas work? How can we build our lives around the healthiest of all foods, vegetables? Every Saturday, the 'veggie evangelist' shares practical tips and ideas from her own experience, her readers and other bloggers.

Wow! Thanks so much to the passionate vegetable lovers who took time to fill up my mailbox last week when I launched this series of posts about How to Eat More Vegetables, your ideas are truly inspiring. Readers, I'm going to incorporate your best tips into the weekly tips, look for your names in pixels, soon! (And please, keep them coming!) Bloggers, this week two bloggers wrote posts on this topic, their links are below.

And now for this week's tip:

How to Eat More Vegetables

TIP #2
Change the language. While we're working on the words, let's replace "I don't like vegetables" with "I don't like canned peas". Let's substitute "I don't like creamed vegetables" with "I don't care for creamed carrots." That way, the language itself leaves open the possibility of liking vegetables -- versus excluding the entire family of vegetables, versus nixing a particular vegetable, versus forgoing all vegetables prepared a certain way.

REAL-LIFE EXAMPLE My own example was, "I haven't yet found a way to cook fresh artichokes so that I really enjoy them." And you know what? I finally did discover a way of cooking artichokes that's easy and delicious, both, see How to Cook Artichokes in the Microwave. Putting something I liked in the future, not the present, really worked.

AND YOU? What about you, would this tip work for you personally or perhaps for your children?

TIP #3
Coming next week!

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  1. I had almost this exact same conversation with my mom a few years ago! We were on the phone while I was cooking dinner and she asked what I was making. What it was has been lost to the fog of time, but it involved green beans. "But you *hate* green beans! I could never get you to eat them as a kid!"

    "No, ma, I hate *canned* green beans. You never tried to serve us fresh ones!"

    And it's so true. Once I started cooking for myself and using either fresh or frozen vegetables, I started eating such a greater variety of veggies, enough that I now cook only vegetarian meals and I usually add extra veggies if I feel there aren't enough in the original recipe!

  2. Great tip! Its so important to keep an open mind with these things :)

  3. I love this series! Keep the tips coming! This is a particularly good strategy for kids.

  4. Such a great idea. I agree with "we all know we should eat more vegetables." I think specificity helps with my clients:
    each a vegetable (or 2) at each meal
    eat one green vegetable a day
    My fave way to start the day is a veggie-packed smoothie.
    Love your blog.


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