Savory Oatmeal with Scallions & Soy Sauce ♥ Recipe

Today's recipe: Something old, something new. Mark Bittman's savory oatmeal, part of his new diet regime. Weight Watchers 1 point. Vegan.

"Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue." If this were a bride's wedding day tradition, she'd be three out of four with today's healthy breakfast recipe.

Something Old: Oatmeal for breakfast. (See How & Why to Cook Oatmeal Every Day. I'm an oatmeal fiend!)

Something New: Oatmeal in a brand-new way, oatmeal with an Asian flair, with green onion and soy sauce. Sound weird? Um, yes. But is it good? Yes!! I'm not giving up my favorite oatmeal with peanut butter (or a new stir-in, tahini!) but I was surprised how hearty and satisfying this oatmeal tasted, and lasted, throughout a cold and blustery morning.

Something Borrowed: Food writer Mark Bittman's diet strategy, Vegan Til Dinner. He used it to drop 35 pounds, lower his cholesterol and blood sugar. It's a simple idea, no counting points, no outlawed foods, just an automatic alteration of the proportions of plant to animal products. More information from the New York Times' Health Blog.

But what do you think, could we go vegan before dinner? I've been doing my own variation, vegetarian before dinner, mostly to get my calcium-important milk, but there's no reason I couldn't drink milk at night, rather than in the morning. For those of us who'd like to eat less meat versus no meat at all, this is an intriguing strategy. (Note to Vegetarians)

Something Blue: No blues today!


Hands-on time: 2 minutes
Time to table: 5 minutes
Serves 1

Uncooked oats, for more fiber, preferably old-fashioned oats
2 green onions, white and green parts, chopped
2 teaspoons soy sauce

Cook oatmeal in your favorite way. (See microwave oatmeal, stovetop oatmeal, oven oatmeal or slow cooker oatmeal.) Stir in most of the green onion and the soy sauce. Garnish with remaining green onion. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes! I have this nearly every day for breakfast! My variations: I use steel-cut oats; I usually top it with a soft-boiled egg. Sometimes I add a drop or two of sesame oil or hot sauce, for a little variety. Or a half-ounce of cut up lean ham instead of the egg.
    best, Stephen
    PS I've lost 45 lb since September and brought my cholesterol down from 285 to 205!

  2. This is for me. I eat oatmeal everyday with disdain. You just changed it for me for tomorrow. Thanks :)

  3. Savory oatmeal?! Wow -- I'd never have thought of it.

  4. It's interesting how Mark Bittman is vegan until dinnertime. I am sort of doing the same thing, but not knowing what to call my diet because I'm veg by day and eat meat or fish at dinnertime (because my husband is not a veg). I have not had beef for the whole year and finally last Christmas when I have been eating leftover prime rib for 3 dinners...I swear I will stay away from beef as long as I can. I felt bloated, constipated and notice a huge difference on the way beef digest. My husband notice the same differnce so we now stay away from beef. With so many delicious ways to cook vegetarian, poultry or fish, you really don't miss the meat.

  5. I love oatmeal but would never have thought to use it as a savory side dish. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  6. Stephen ~ You've been holding back! Congratulations on the weight loss and great cholesterol changes.

    A and N ~ Oh dear, I so want you to love oatmeal. Let's hope it's scallions! Otherwise, maybe some of the other recipes?

    Lydia ~ I don't 'sugar' oatmeal but this was a revelation for me, too.

    Anon ~ Now you have a name for it! So good that you're listening to your body, well, unless it's telling you to eat brownies three times a day!

  7. Interesting! Someone left a comment on my blog once, that they eat their oatmeal with leftover cooked broccoli and grated cheese in it. Sounds kinda good, huh?

  8. what a great and healthy recipe....I love the variety of food that you share on your site.

  9. What a unique idea!

    I just found your blog and I just wanted to say hi! looking forward to reading more!

    I actually just started my own blog -- hope you check it out!

  10. Hi! Since you love pb oatmeal, I thought you might like to know about a peanut butter product called PB2. It's powdered peanut butter, and it's surprisingly good. 2 tbsp contain 54 calories, 2.8g fat. I also live in MO, and I purchased mine at a store named Hy-Vee. Another cool thing- you can carry it on a plane and it won't count as a liquid, like regular PB does.

  11. Great idea! I sometimes (when no one else is at home to feed) eat grits for breakfast with a little olive oil, black pepper and even parmesan cheese on top for breakfast and yet I never thought to put something savory on oatmeal, which I eat three times a week, absolutely plain, like it or not (mostly not.) At the very least this gets me started thinking in a new direction. I like Stephen's ideas too!

  12. Wow! Haven't thought of using soy sauce on oatmeal before but you just gave me a good idea. Thanks =)


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