VegetableSpotting: Week 37

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All too soon, we vegetable lovers will embrace the vegetables of autumn, the winter squash, the sweet potatoes, the cauliflower. But until then, food bloggers everywhere are reveling in the glut of produce at our farmers markets, truly, our cups runneth over.

Every few weeks, I like to spotlight vegetable recipes from my fellow food bloggers, ones that I think readers of A Veggie Venture might especially appreciate.

VegetableSpotting WEEK 37 - mid September

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VegetableSpotting - The Running List

Many food bloggers list a 'blogroll' of their favorite blogs on their websites. Recently, I replaced my own blogroll with a running list of VegetableSpotting recipes. Check the lower right-hand corner of any page on A Veggie Venture for the most recent ten recipes spotted while checking out food blogs from all over the world. But for the most recent 100 recipes, just visit VegetableSpotting any day, any time.

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Alanna Kellogg

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  1. Thanks for doing all the work for us and finding so many great recipes.

  2. You've found some great looking recipes there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love root veggies so this time of year is great for me.


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