How Many Carbs Are in Vegetables?

Low-Carb Vegetables
Common vegetables, listed by carb count, low-carb vegetables to high-carb vegetables. For low-carb eaters, including South Beach and Atkins dieters, this is an invaluable list to both widen and focus your vegetable choices.

"I am so sick of broccoli!" complains my friend Tom. Like most of us, Tom eats the same three or four vegetables again and again. He's also losing weight with a low-carb diet. To limit his carb intake, he has eliminated high-carb vegetables like potatoes and winter squash from his diet. With this list of low-carb vegetables, I hope to inspire low-carb dieters with new vegetable options.

Take a look at this list of vegetables, sorted low to high by net carbs – what's new to you? There are so many more low-carb vegetables than broccoli!
~ Alanna

About the Net Carb Calculations
The vegetable nutrition information here was calculated using Accuchef, which relies on the same USDA database used by all similar nutrition analysis programs. Still, the information here should be considered estimates.
For easy apples to apples (or would that be asparagus to asparagus?) comparison, unless specified, Net Carbs are based on a serving size of 1/4 pound of the raw vegetable.
Net Carbs = Total Carb Grams minus Fiber Grams, a rough indicator of a food’s glycemic index.
I define 'low carb vegetables' as those with 10 or fewer Net Carbs per serving.

About A Veggie Venture
If you're a first-time visitor and follow a low-carb diet, welcome to A Veggie Venture, the food blog packed with vegetable recipes, mostly vegetarian and many vegan. Here, each vegetable recipe includes nutrition information, Net Carb counts and low-carb vegetable recipes are easy to find.

More Low-Carb Resources
You'll also want to check out, my published food column. There too, low-carb recipes are all in one place.
For more detail on each vegetable, please see nutrition data for common vegetables.

Zero Net Carb Vegetables
Endive (Endive Recipes)

One Net Carb Vegetables
Bok Choy (Bok Choy Recipes)
Broccoli Raab (Broccoli Raab Recipes)
Celery (Celery Recipes)

Two Net Carb Vegetables
Arugula (Arugula Recipes)
Asparagus (Asparagus Recipes)
Chard (Chard Recipes)
Chayote (Chayote Recipes)
Eggplant (Eggplant Recipes)
Hearts of Palm (Hearts of Palm Recipes)
Jicama (Jicama Recipes)
Lettuce (Lettuce Recipes)
Radishes (Radish Recipes)
Spinach (Spinach Recipes)

Three Net Carb Vegetables
Bell Peppers, Green (Bell Pepper Recipes)
Cabbage, Green & Savoy (Cabbage Recipes)
Cauliflower (Cauliflower Recipes)
Cucumber (Cucumber Recipes)
Daikon (Daikon Recipes)
Kohlrabi (Kohlrabi Recipes)
Mushrooms, Button (Mushroom Recipes)
Pumpkin Puree (1 cup) (Pumpkin Recipes)
Rhubarb (Rhubarb Recipes)
Summer Squash (Summer Squash Recipes)
Zucchini (Zucchini Recipes)

Four Net Carb Vegetables
Avocado, California (1 cup) (Avocado Recipes)
Fennel (Fennel Recipes)
Green Beans (Green Bean Recipes)
Mushrooms, Crimini & Oyster (Mushroom Recipes)
Okra (Okra Recipes)
Radicchio (Radicchio Recipes)
Tomatoes (Tomato Recipes)

Five Net Carb Vegetables
Avocado, Florida (1 cup) (Avocado Recipes)
Bell Peppers, Red (Bell Pepper Recipes)
Broccoli (Broccoli Recipes)
Edamame (1/2 cup) (Edamame Recipes)
Mushrooms, Enoki (Mushroom Recipes)
Tomatillo (Tomatillo Recipes)
Turnips (Turnip Recipes)

Six Net Carb Vegetables
Artichoke (1 choke) (Artichoke Recipes)
Bell Peppers, Yellow (Bell Pepper Recipes)
Brussels Sprouts (Brussels Sprouts Recipes)
Cabbage, Red (Cabbage Recipes)
Corn (ear) (Corn Recipes)
Snow Peas (Snow Pea Recipes)
Sugar Snap Peas (Sugar Snap Recipes)
Pumpkin (Pumpkin Recipes)
Rutabagas (Rutabaga Recipes)

Seven Net Carb Vegetables

Eight Net Carb Vegetables
Beets (Beet Recipes)
Carrots (Carrot Recipes)
Celeriac (Celeriac Recipes)
Edamame (Edamame Recipes)
Winter Squash ("all varieties" average as defined by USDA) (Winter Squash Recipes)

Nine Net Carb Vegetables
Onion (Onion Recipes)
Kale (Kale Recipes)

Ten Net Carb Vegetables
Peas, Green (Pea Recipes)

Ten+ Net Carb Vegetables
NETCARB 11 - 15
Winter Squash, Butternut (NetCarb 11) (Butternut Squash Recipes)
Leeks (NetCarb 12) (Leek Recipes)
Parsnips (NetCarb 14) (Parsnip Recipes)
Lima Beans, Fordhooks (NetCarb 15) (Lima Bean Recipes)
Potatoes, White-Skinned (NetCarb 15) (Potato Recipes)

Potatoes, Red-Skinned (NetCarb 16) (Potato Recipes)
Sweet Potatoes (NetCarb 17) (Sweet Potato Recipes)
Corn (NetCarb 18) (Corn Recipes)
Jerusalem Artichokes (NetCarb 18) (Jerusalem Artichoke Recipes)
Potatoes, Russet (NetCarb 19) (Potato Recipes)

Garbanzo Beans (NetCarb 21) (Garbanzo Bean Recipes)
Lima Beans, Baby (NetCarb 21) (Lima Bean Recipes)
Sun-Dried Tomatoes (no oil) (NetCarb 49) (Sun-Dried Tomato Recipes)

A Veggie Venture is home of 'veggie evangelist' Alanna Kellogg and the
famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.
© Copyright Kitchen Parade 2008

Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


  1. It's so helpful to be reminded that there is a whole range of low-carb choices. Thanks for this list!

  2. Bookmarked! Thanks for the list.

  3. What a comprehensive list! Thanks, Alanna.

  4. Thanks a lot I just started a low carb diet and I was getting frustrated already.

  5. Thanks for the info, it sure helps when starting
    a low carb diet

  6. I never actually gave thought to other veggies being low or high carb... I just knew potatoes and sweet potatoes were fairly high in carbs... Who knew? HA HA HA. Thanks for the info.

    At the end of the day, I think a veggies with a higher carb rating are still better choices than a slice or 2 of white bread and it is still better to fill at least half your plate with veggies (other than potatoes)! I have enjoyed getting to know you through your recipes and tips. Thank you for sharing!

  7. AnonymousJune 03, 2012

    Awesome list! I love the way you broke it down. Thanks!

  8. AnonymousJune 17, 2012

    You really need to update your info. I can't find ANY nutritional information that even comes close to your EXTREMELY LOW net carb counts!!!! I am very confused as to how you calculated your info. or why you haven't done more research to check your figures. I am confounded that you list CORN, for example, as LOW CARB with the VAST MAJORITY of nutrition sites showing that corn in the amount you claim is in the vicinity of 20-30+ NET CARBS!!!??? Maybe rethink using only ONE resource for your published information.

  9. Hi Anonymous ~ The corn nutrition information comes from the USDA database. This might explain your concern, however:

    > The first (lower) calculation is for a single ear of corn which yields only a half cup of corn.
    > The second (higher) calculation is for 1/4 pound of corn which is the standardized serving size here on A Veggie Venture, making it easy to compare one vegetable to another on all the nutrition dimensions.

    Hope this helps! (And really, no need to yell ...)

  10. Thanks for the work you obviously put into this site! It was very helpful in showing someone why she isn't losing weight: She invariably chooses the highest carb veggies that have the highest sugar content, such as beets, green peas, POTATO SALAD!!! She's oblivious to how I lost as much weight as I have 31% as of today while she keeps gaining it. It hurts, not being able to hel;p her further.

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  18. Melvin UdallApril 01, 2013

    Thanks for the great info - it's appreciated!

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    Of you to post all this info so broken down. Much respect.

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