10 Best Foods We're Not Eating

Sulo, from the Finnish blog, Life of JaloLooking for the energy of a puppy in spring? Consider this list from WebMD/Men's Health, the Ten Best Foods You're Not Eating. And tell me, where do you stand?

> A+ to anyone who's tried all 10.
> Kudos to anyone who's heard of all 10.
> Cheers to anyone who commits to find all 10!

1. Beets -- beet recipes, yes, we've got beet recipes

2. Cabbage -- yep, we've got cabbage recipes too

3. Guava -- oops

4. Swiss chard -- of course, Swiss chard recipes

5. Cinnamon -- and yes, recipes with cinnamon too

6. Purslane -- a green, hmm, must keep our eyes peeled for this

7. Pomegranate juice -- yum ...

8. Goji berries -- I keep hearing good things about Goji berries

9. Dried plums -- what 'prunes' are called these days

10. Pumpkin seeds -- a fall favorite, pumpkin seeds are also called pepitas

By the way, the adorable puppy is Sulo from Life of Jalo whose four amazing dogs do deliver dog-smiles every day!

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  1. Hey Alanna. I just joined up, and I really like what I have read so far. I love fresh veggies, and I have been in a blah-type cooking mood. I think I've been inspired.

    As for this list, you got me at purslane. I'll have to look it up come summer.

  2. For purslane, you might look in your lawn -- it grows like a weed around here (or maybe "like a wildflower" makes it sound more appealing).

  3. Hello Alanna, I just discovered your wonderful web site and already have used 2 recipes! I love this place. One question though, I am looking for Goji Berries does anyone know if they are in stores or just on line?

  4. DesertGirlMarie ~ Thanks! I've never seen goji berries myself. If you find them, let me know! (I don't think they're growing in my yard!)

  5. This list is obviously particular to certain places because there are things on that list that we certainly can't get here.

  6. I actually found a big bag of dried Goji Berries at Costco. They were sampling them. I didn't care for the taste, but they're healthy...

  7. I think I may have tried all ten (I cannot remember if I've had fresh guava or only in a juice). And yes, the dog is cute :)
    Re: purslane - Skye Gyngell served it in her restaurant in London, I grew it on my windowsill. And everybody keeps telling me that I should look in my lawn, just like Lydia:)

  8. 1. Beets - growing in my garden!

    2. Cabbage - can't seem to grow successfully, but there's 1/2 a famers market one in the fridge.

    3. Guava - tried and can get in the super market, not my taste tho

    4. Swiss chard - growing in the garden! and its so pretty too!

    5. Cinnamon - i use it with baked apples, stewed fruit, porridge, red cabbage....

    6. Purslane - heard of but not seen..

    7. Pomegranate juice - goes nicely with champagne, different alternative to bucks fizz!

    8. Goji berries - tried a supermarket sample as i wasn't willing to pay the price they charge, glad i didn't as they really didn't inspire me!

    9. Dried plums - nice in stews/tagines or porridge, or just a snack!

    10. Pumpkin seeds - tried but not my bag.

    so 9/10 on tried tested and able to get hold of - don't think i've ever seen purslane in the UK but everything else is available at the supermarkets.

    so close! do i get a gold star anyway?

  9. Stephanie ~ Thanks so much! I especially appreciate the perspective of a new reader. (And you and I will look for purslane together ...)

    Bruno ~ Those four dogs are great!

    Lydia ~ My lawn? What, you're saying my lawn has weeds?

    Cynthia ~ So sorry they're not available - and I bet that lots of Americans agree with you, that they don't have ready access either.

    Stephanie ~ Hmm. I think I passed by goji berries at Costco last weekend!

    Pille ~ You're such a world epicure! A++ to you!

    Jenny ~ Wow! Our hero! Let's make it two gold stars!

  10. Wow, I've tried all ten! I guess that's what happens when an adventurous person like me gets access to a good health food store (and some cash!). The only one on the list that I didn't like were guavas--just not my thing. Now, if I can come up with a super-tasty recipe combining all ten, then I'll be able to show those folks at WebMD...*evil snicker*


  11. I had no idea that it is now de rigeur to call prunes "dried plums"! I adore prunes (ooops!!! I mean "dried plums") and we are having them in tonight's chicken with dried fruits served over couscous.

    As for the rest, rats I have not gotten 10/10. Not even close.

    1.) Check
    2.) Check
    3.) I love guava but have not seen guavas for sale here, except in canned juice. I've only ever had fresh guava in India.
    4.) Check
    5.) Check
    6.) Purslane? Ummm... well, I've heard of it. But I don't think I'd recognize it if I saw it or tasted it.
    7.) Pomegranate juice? I love pomegranates. I'm not wild about pomegranate syrup though. But again, we can't really get great pomegranates here unless we're willing to pay a fortune. (I don't think I've even seen pomegranate juice!)
    8.) Goji berries? oh dear. Nope. Never heard of them!
    9.) Check
    10.) Check

    I googled "goji berries" and see they are also called "wolf berries". (I'm imagining that I've seen them dried in Chinatown.) Are they something like giogioles?

    Then I googled "purslane" and see that it is the same as "portulaca". Portulaca is edible?!! I've grown it many times as an ornamental but had no idea it was edible!




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