This Recipe Has Moved ♥ Thanksgiving Cake

Thanksgiving Cake ♥, one cake, all our favorite fall flavors, pumpkin, apple, cranberry, pecans, warm spices.
A small Bundt cake packed with all our favorite fall flavors like pumpkin, apple, cranberry, pecans and fresh ginger plus fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

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Thanksgiving Cake

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  1. For a year or so I've been collecting Bundt pans in various designs and sizes -- and I've been collecting recipes for just as long! Thanks for this one -- goes right on the top of the pile.

  2. I've baked w/ pumpkin puree before and I can't love it enough. With many mouths to feed over the next two months, this really appeals to me, so easy w/o skimping on quality or presentation. Thx!

  3. Question: You mention if one uses a bundt pan to double the receipe. However, in the directions, you say spray bundt pan, etc. So if one doesn't use a bundt pan, what size pan are the standard ingredients for. I would prefer to use a bundt, but I am now confused(not hard to do!)

  4. Hi Sunny ~ Don't worry, it gets confusing, working with changes.

    I used a HALF-size Bundt pan and so halved the original recipe, and these are the quantities I show in my post. That's why for a STANDARD-size Bundt pan, I recommend doubling the ingredients.

    Okay but let's work with something specific. I just measured, the standard-size Bundt pan holds 12 cups of liquid, the half-size holds only 6. So use that as a gauge for using another size/shape pan.

    You will need to watch the time in the oven though, switching to another pan. I believe it will work work fine, though. This cake has a fairly heavy crumb so should adjust just fine. Let me know what you do and how it goes!

  5. This looks lovely - good enough that I'm pondering buying a Bundt pan. One question, though - do you suppose it would work without the cranberries? I have a shuddering aversion to them, but I always get leery of leaving anything out of a baked recipe.

  6. That's a really gorgeous cake pan - so festive!!

  7. Mmmm, that cake looks delicious.

  8. I love the shape of your bundt Alnanna! I also love your holiday baking series....with fruits and vegetables, of course :)

  9. Emily ~ Sorry for slow response, I missed the question the first time through. Sure, skip the cranberries! If you like -- but only if you like -- substitute something with similar texture and wetness. Have you tried the tart dried cherries from Trader Joe's? They're gorgeous! Or snip pieces of dried apricot (you might want to soak them in a liqueur to soften) or use raisins or currants or heavens, just skip them and use more apple. This cake is way more about the spicey cake than the add-ons. I think you'll like it but please do let me know how it goes!

    Nabeela ~ It's a great shape, isn't it?! And I got it for a steal, too! The florist at a local grocery store used it in some display and then they put it in the 'reduced price' cart that I love to poke through. PS Thanks for noticing that I'm sticking to vegetables, pumpkin and rhubarb sure make it easier than you think to use vegetables in baking!

  10. Hi, I do not like pumpkin, however what I do like is butternut squash or Hubbarb squash, so always substitute squash for pumpkin, have my late Mother-in-law's recipe for squash pie and make that all the time. Lily


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