Kitchen Parade Recipes for Flaky Tender Pie Crust & American Apple Pie

Meet the 'Pastry Whisperer' [We could perhaps live by Thanksgiving vegetables alone, but why would we, really when there's pie, especially apple pie?]

From this week's Kitchen Parade column: "When my pastry prowess went missing for far too long, I consulted the Pastry Whisperer, Anne Cori of Kitchen Conservatory, the cooking school and kitchen store in St. Louis. In an hour, she shared a treasure of pie crust tips and tricks. ..."

It's been quite a month since Anne showed up in my kitchen for a pastry lesson. Back up just a minute -- you see, I've made good pie crust since I was 16, in some circles (hi Rass!) I'm even a little famous for pie. But then, whack, I lost the knack and turned out one tough crust after another. In vain, I sought out new recipes, new tools, new techniques. I studied up, I took notes. I tried lard, egg, vinegar, sour cream and even the latest, vodka. (Yes, the vodka went into the pastry, though given my frustration, a stiff drink was warranted.) I fussed, I fumed. I resorted to cookie crusts and press-in crusts and even found virtue in Pillsbury crusts rolled thin.

Then Anne, who makes the most flaky tender pie crust you can imagine, offered a lesson and I came to see her as the Pastry Whisperer. You see, I've got it! I can make pie crust again, flaky tender pie crusts oh-so-worth eating, pie crusts so delicious that for the first time ever, I even believe in double crusts. (Did I mention making 14 pies in four weeks? My neighbors are very happy.)

So yes, just in time for Thanksgiving, Kitchen Parade is all about pie, American pie, specifically. This week's column is a triple batch -- start with the recipe for Flaky Tender Pie Crust, then check the recipe for a double-crust American Apple Pie, and for all who aspire to great pie crusts, there's not just 'how to make pie crust' but How to Make Flaky Tender Pie Crust.

To Anne, many many many thanks ...

WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE PIE? Win a copy of a great 30-minute teaching video (VHS format) called 'Perfect Pies' by the Pie Whisperer Anne Cori. More information in each of the three articles.

A QUICK NOTE for PIE BAKERS One pastry tool completely worth investing in is a silicone mat called a Rollpat. I mention it here because until November 23rd, Kitchen Conservatory has Rollpats on special for $34.95, with no shipping charges. (See why it's recommended in How to Make Flaky Tender Pie Crust.) The store also sells many other pie products useful for making pie crusts and pies.

(Full disclosure: I do technology consulting for Kitchen Conservatory but receive zero compensation when readers choose to purchase products.)

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