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Smoked potatoes, easy easy easy & tasty tasty tastyWhen I became the unexpected owner of a Camerons stovetop smoker last spring, naturally, I wondered about the potential of smoked vegetables. What would emerge?

First up, lovely woody nutty smoked potatoes. "Tastes like bacon," remarked one taste tester -- thus proving that bacon tastes like smoke, not bacon, yes?

And just like smoking trout, shrimp and scallops (my favorites on the smoker and the real reason to buy a smoker if considering one), smoked potatoes are easy-easy cooking. Just slice and season, arrange in the smoker, then walk away. In fact, the recipe I followed specified smoking the potatoes for 45 minutes. But I forgot to set the timer and so these cooked for almost twice that: no problem. (I do recommend paying attention to the timer, however.)

NUTRITION NOTES These were smoked with zero fat -- but still were absolutely delicious, especially smeared with good mustard. That said, my chef friend tells me that slathered in duck fat beforehand (since it won't burn like butter would) before smoking, smoked potatoes move to a whole new plane.

LEFTOVER REPORT I used the leftovers to make a mustard-y vinegar-y potato salad with fresh herbs, again, just great.

WHY ARE THOSE POTATOES PINK? The variety has red skins that stains the flesh. It's pretty in raw form but decidedly not when cooked. Don't plan on a pretty pink plate with these!

MAKE IT A MEAL Smoked potatoes would go great with the very fall-ish Buffalo Ragout.

MORE VEGETABLE RECIPES See the Recipe Box for all the potato recipes but if you've got access to just-dug new potatoes, think about our family favorite, mashed potatoes & carrots, the oh-so-lovely lavender potatoes, the classic new potatoes with browned butter, the delicious roasted potatoes and red onion or this quick potato okra curry.

A YEAR AGO Cornmeal Catfish with Warm Potato Salad, one of Kitchen Parade's famous Quick Suppers (yes, September is prime potato season!!)


Hands-on time: 5 minutes
Time to table: 50 minutes? 90 minutes?
Serves 8

2 pounds potatoes (the inspiring recipe called for baking potatoes, 2 pounds exactly filled the smoker)
Salt & pepper

Place 1 tablespoon wood chips in the stovetop smoker (I used cherry, the inspiring recipe said oak or apple) and set on the stove over medium flame. Wash potatoes (or if they're already washed, wet again, the moisture is important). Slice 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch thick. (I cut these length-wise so they wouldn't fall through the grill.) Season both sides with salt and pepper. Close the smoker and cook til done (the inspiring recipe said 45 minutes, mine cooked for 1 hour, 40 minutes.

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  1. Alanna, did you soak the wood chips first, or use them dry? I'll look forward to seeing more stovetop smoker recipes ... maybe will convince me to buy one!

  2. Hi Lydia ~ The wood chips come with the smoker and are especially treated so NOT to require anything done to them before putting them in the bottom of the pan. The 'vegetable' options for stove-top smokers are limited - I guess it's up to me, then, to figure them out? - but I do love-love-love how fish and seafood turn out. It especially works for someone like me who's not prone to grilling.

  3. I had never thought about smoked potatoes, but it sounds delicious. Maybe smoked carrots are next?

  4. Sounds good...I use an outdoor smoker, so I have a question that I've wondered about for a long time with regard to the indoor smokers: where does the smoke go? Doesn't your kitchen smell like a smokehouse when you're done?

    Just wondering...


  5. Kelly ~ Smoked carrots, hmmm, yes. With fresh thyme, methinks!

    Stephen ~ The smoker has a tight seal so no, on inside odor. It IS there but not strong, not overpowering and not unpleasant in the least.

  6. I love smoked foods and smoked potatoes, while I've never had it sounds like a treat.

  7. Never had smoked potatoes, but I keep seeing recipes using smoked beets, so I'm quite intrigued now..

  8. Alanna, I'd never considered smoked potatoes, but now that I have, I am also thinking about the branches I pruned off the huge rosemary.

  9. Cynthia ~ Thanks!

    Pille ~ Smoked beets?!! Oh my, I'll race you to that dish.

    KitchenMage ~ Brilliant! I love the idea of a sprig of rosemary added to the smoker. Count on that happening whatever's next up.

  10. Excuse me for commenting so late.

    Ooooooh! We never thought of smoking potatoes! Corn, yes, but not potatoes. What a good idea!

    We often oven roast potatoes though and they are fabulous. We usually drizzle them with olive oil but we have recently discovered a good source of lard (our local butcher sells it in jars) and we tried the potatoes with lard. As your friend says, the potatoes move onto a whole new plane. (Now we're going to have to get hold of some duck fat....)


  11. Visit any time, Elizabeth, no apologies required!

    Now that I've got duck fat on the brain (here's an online source for rendered duck fat, if you need one, I'm seeing references to it everywhere.

    And now that you've mentioned smoked corn, I've got THAT on the brain!

  12. Happened upon this page (obviously a little late to the party) while I was searching for vegetarian smoker recipes. Have to tell you that smoke eggplant is AWESOME!!! Top smoked slices with a little sundried tomato pesto and mozarella cheese....YUMMY!

  13. AnonymousMay 29, 2013

    I'm really late to the party but we just got a smoker. We had smoked potato salad many years ago and it was the best ever. Have been wanting to make some ever since. We found your recipe and are going to try it. Thank you.


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