Recipe Ideas for Mother's Day Celebrations

Mom's sure to love this raspberry morning cakeMother's Day celebrations seem the easiest of all to plan. Just think fresh, simple, breezy. The food is hardly the point, it's the moment to mark the gifts of all those who mother. From the Kitchen Parade archives, check out all the recipe ideas for Mother's Day celebrations.

Perhaps a sumptuous breakfast in bed. Pancakes? Of course! Or perhaps a Dutch baby! Or for ultimate breakfast decadence, how about strawberry shortcakes? It's a celebration, after all!

Or a family gathering, maybe small, maybe filled with aunts and cousins and new babies and old memories. Start with strawberry pepper salads. Then follow with a beautiful piece of salmon glazed with maple syrup and roasted zucchini and lemon on the side.

And for dessert, oh my, the choices. The raspberry cake. If the rhubarb's ripe, a rhubarb sorbet. For those with early berries, oh yes, this fruit tart, plump with blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Swoon. Or for something light and lovely, a "coffee pot" or a lovely "lemon pot".

Mom, we do love you!

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