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The world is suddenly cooking soup! I'll take some small measure of credit for soup fans from all over are dicing and chopping, all to share (some times) favorite and (some times) brand-new recipes for Soup's On. And if you love to spot promising new food blogs, this is your list. Entries include a first-ever post and a first-ever soup. It's not too late to contribute your own recipe - Soup's On runs through the end of February.

Karelian BorschtA hazard of food writing is the constant search for new-new-new. But these are three old favorite soup recipes I return to whenever possible. They're from old Kitchen Parade columns and are perfect for bone-rattling wintry weather and with any luck, also to help 'bridge' the transition into spring.

The first is Karelian borscht, fat with fresh beets (though canned beets actually work fine too). And just look at that color!

Laura's Carrot SoupThe next soup -- again, see that color -- one is so simple and yet manages somehow tastes like something far more complex.

I love dunking thick pieces of good bread to soak up the earthy flavor. My family calls it Laura's Carrot Soup, after my dear cousin Laura.

Lentil Soup VincentThis last is a hearty Lentil Soup Vincent. Funny story: I made this soup as the family gathered before Christmas a few years ago. Everyone gobbled it up except Alex, my younger nephew, who picked and spooned and moved his soup around. He'd had the required 'taste' (as in, 'You don't have to like it but you do have to taste it') and his Mom explained that he really wasn't so fond of lentils. No problem. Fast forward to the next Christmas. I made the soup again (it's a favorite, right?!) and only just as my sister and nephews were walking in the door after 14 hours of driving, did I remember Alex's reaction the year before. So I got out the peanut butter and then joked, "Hey A'x, I made your very favorite lentil soup!" He answered, "Good!", we sat down to eat, he cleaned up the whole bowl and hit the kitchen for seconds.

It pays to try things more than once! And to have an arsenal of favorite soup recipes. For more soup ideas, see Soup's On, this month's collection of great soup recipes.

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