Kitchen Parade Extra: Cranberry Pudding ♥

If there's a single ingredient that evokes the holiday spirit, it's the cranberry. This week's Kitchen Parade column features three cranberry recipes. First up is a luscious dessert, an English-style cranberry pudding from an old family recipe ... plus two simple holiday treats, a crimson-colored cranberry applesauce and a cranberry champagne cocktail, both oh-so-festive!

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You know the good works from Doctors Without Borders? Without taking a dollar from your pocket, you can put one in theirs. Just click the "Color for a Cause" box on the right, then search for something red. Red mittens? A red sled? How about a racy red lipstick? That's all there is to it. Ten thousand searches will yield $10,000 for a worthy cause. If the ad is gone, the $10,000 goal has been reached.

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Meeting food bloggers is great fun. But yesterday Karen from FamilyStyle and I met up with a Mommy Blogger, Dana from Mamalogues. She's smart, she's funny ... she's totally cool! St. Louisans, you might recognize Dana from her Monday columns in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

How did we happen to meet? Via BlogHer, of course. It's no wonder that BlogHer i
s a finalist for Best Online Community in the 2006 Weblog Awards.

What's BlogHer?
Get on over! It's the great place to catch the best of the best from women bloggers. Kalyn's Kitchen and Becks & Posh and Simply Recipes and I are all lucky to brag about all the terrific posts from food & drink bloggers from across the world. (Thinking about making candy for Christmas gifts? or festive holiday foods? BlogHer's your friend.)

Plus i
f you're a blogger and a woman, join BlogHer to be welcomed into a vibrant, supportive community. And be sure to mark your calendar for BlogHer 2007 in Chicago.

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Looking for other Christmas ideas? Kitchen Parade delivers holiday inspiration.

It's not too late to arrange a small cookie swap. Mine is next Saturday!

If it's snowy and wintry, Kitchen Parade knows just what to cook.

If you're watching Weight Watchers points and calories between holiday parties, Kitchen Parade can help. Counting carbs? Kitchen Parade has low-carb recipes too.

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