Celebrate St. Louis

The Old Courthouse, downtown St. LouisIt was 1993 when I moved to St. Louis, a city at the confluence of two great rivers, a place where small neighborhoods are shaded by large trees, a spot where old brick and historic architecture abound. In the first month, the recognition hit: I already felt more at home in St. Louis, even while still living in a hotel, than in all eight years in Dallas.

And as a long-time seasonal cook, it's only natural to seek out all-things-local. And so I do ... to celebrate St. Louis.

St. Louis Food Blogs
St. Louis: A Great Town for Foodies!

St. Louis Restaurant Reviews Occasional reviews (and rants!) by lifelong cook and restaurant goer, my friend the Foodie Patootie

Photo by St. Louis photographer Michael Rosenthal of the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis, only yards from the Mississippi River and where the Dred Scott decision was made; along with the iconic Gateway Arch, now part of a national park.

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