Surprise Announcement: Sugar High Friday

[Many thanks to all who particpated, the round-up is live!]

Lots of surprises to announce today!

SURPRISE SURPRISE: The unlikely Veggie Evangelist is September's host for Sugar High Friday, the sweet grandmommy of food blogging events.

[What's Sugar High Friday? In October 2004, Jennifer, Canada's very own Domestic Goddess, launched the first-ever blogging extravaganza for sweet tooths: all of ten food bloggers played with white chocolate. Then there were SHF2 - SHF21. Fast forward nearly two years to Delicious Days' just finished SHF22, Can You Can?: 52 jams and jellies from all over the world!]

SURPRISE: In September, Sugar High Friday makes an extra-warm welcome to cooks who feel tempted to participate but don't have food blogs (hello Connie?! Betty?! Alaska Carrots?! Nan & Anonymous?! I know you're out there!) or blog on other topics, like my pal Tamara Nicol at Luminous Lens who so graciously created the logo for this month's Sugar High Friday. Would you like to be a food-blogger-for-a-day? All the detail is at this special spot, which is also where your recipes will be posted.

BIG SURPRISE: Sugar High Friday's very first blogger-for-a-day has already sent in her entry! Yummy!!

SURPRISE: The theme for September's Sugar High Friday is ... ta da ... Surprise Inside. Let the creative juices flow! What's your inside surprise, a secret ingredient? a chocolate-covered raspberry? an almond in rice pudding? a gush of lava chocolate? [Are vegetables required? At Sugar High Friday, are you kidding?! Of course not! But since this Is A Veggie Venture, vegetables are allowed, and warmly welcomed, so long as they're tucked inside something sweet!]

SURPRISE: At random, one participant will be selected to receive a special ... you know what's coming, yes? ... surprise gift!

NO SURPRISES in the details:
  • The September 2006 edition of Sugar High Friday is Friday, September 22nd
  • So just cook up something sweet-ish with a Surprise Inside
  • If you don't have a blog or don't have a food blog, here's how to participate
  • Food bloggers, post on or before September 22nd (running a little late? no problem until the round-up gets posted)
    • If you're a fan, tag your posts SHF23
    • If you're a techorati fan, tag your posts SHF23
    • In your post, please include a link to this announcement post (when the round-up goes up, I'll add its link here)
  • Send an e-mail to blogATkitchenHYPHENparadeDOTcom including
    • your first name
    • your blog's name and your blog's URL
    • the recipe name and the post's URL
    • your hometown and state/country
    Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? You know the drill: leave a comment!

    (c) Copyright 2006 Kitchen Parade
    Alanna Kellogg
    Alanna Kellogg

    A Veggie Venture is home of "veggie evangelist" Alanna Kellogg and the famous asparagus-to-zucchini Alphabet of Vegetables.


    1. All hail SHF! I love your theme and I can't wait to surprise and be surprised by what's inside!

    2. Love the egg picture!!

    3. hi allana!
      ah, what a great theme, I absolutely love it! will definitely take part, just have to find the perfect ultra-surprise-recipe...! =)

    4. Hi Allana, your Sugar High Friday has really got me thinking. I'll love to participate. But must come up with something really good.

    5. hi's my first time here and love to participate in SHF again!

    6. Oops I really missed this.


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