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Greek Greens ... the base technique is a wonderful way to 'hold' fresh greens for a couple of days so they can be used later, this year in a great fish and pasta salad (recipe added to the post) ... how great? so great that a nine-year old came back for seconds!

Leeks & Asparagus ... very simple, just leeks in butter, this year with fat spears of asparagus that held their shape but turned almost cream ... luscious!

No-Cook Taboulleh ... just delicious! And the calories dropped in half by changing the proportion of couscous:tomato and cutting the olive oil.

Carrot Coins with Dill ... served at room temperature or cold, just barely cooked carrots tossed with fresh dill, great flavor and texture combination, a good refrigerator salad

Red Onion Beets ... if you've got cooked beets, a quick 'n' easy side dish ... just sauteed red onions warmed with beets and capers ... isn't it pretty?!

Beets with Feta ... oh so simple and sumptuous, quick-quick with pre-cooked beets ... a recent hit with 20-somethings atop salad greens with a bit of dill

From the Kitchen Parade Archives

Quinoa & Black Bean Salad ... cool, refreshing and healthful, good for potluck and easy supper side salads

Tomato Soup Vegetable Salad ... my grandmother's favorite summer salad, a definite throw-back to the 60s and 70s, made contemporary with veggies and low-fat products

Beet Roesti ... small pancakes of grated beet, this time made with dill rather than rosemary, easier than you'd think, absolutely delicious

Red & Yellow Pepper Relish ... just colorful bell peppers sauteed with a touch of good mustard and a few olives, so simple!

Wild Rice Salad ... wild rice "vegged up" with peppers, peas and mushrooms. It's a long-time family favorite!

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Alanna Kellogg

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  1. Overwhelmingly good! The beets with feta has really caught my eye!

  2. mmm I like it....) realy)


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