Day 356: Nasty Fruit & Carrot Drink

So what do you do for a "vegetable" on a day when ...
  • Wind shear takes out eight large trees within a couple of blocks?
  • One tree with a five-foot trunk falls RIGHT where your car travelled only the MINUTE before, when it was barely stormy?
  • And traps a man and his dog who, thankfully, are both okay?
  • And the electricity is out for nearly 24 hours?
  • And the neighborhood takes on a festive air and impromptu block parties spring up and Home Improvement-type guys manfully man chain saws and pass out beers and kids kick balls in the blocked -off streets?
Well, AFTER scrambling for the lantern and heading for the basement and AFTER you know everything's okay if pretty dark ... you move to the pantry for Plan B.

THE NASTY DRINK ... This tangerine-carrot-apple juice from Bulgaria was worse than Tang. Sickly sweet. Strident in color. Flavorless. One sip and the sink was the final stop.

NEXT TIME ... I'll read the label more closely. I actually love these juices in antiseptic packages, lychee, black currant, passionfruit. But this one told me it would be awful, I just missed it. It was only half juice, the first ingredient was water, the second was sugar.YUCK.

FROM THE ARCHIVES ... The Recipe Box has some other "Plan B" ideas, some which worked, some which didn't.

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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  1. Yikes!

    Sorry the juice drink was awful, but glad that you're okay.

  2. Yes--very glad everything, except for the awful drink, is OK!!! We had a flood watch out here in Northern California. The weather is pretty crazy in a lot of places.

  3. Glad you're okay! That sounds like quite an experience (and one really yucky juice!)


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