The Best of February

It's been an amazing month on A Veggie Venture -- only 28 days but 22 favorites! Who knew winter's goodness could rival summer's bounty?

I make light but do, in fact, believe that the reason February's vegetables tasted so good is that they were suited to February: root vegetables, purees, oven dishes. I ignored the 'spring-ish' asparagus beginning to appear in the supermarket, bypassed anything resembling a tomato.

So what are February's best veggie side, best soup and, a new category, best vegetarian supper? And because we've been cooking fennel all month, the best fennel?

FEBRUARY'S BEST VEGETABLE SIDE DISH Sorry, there's no picking just one.

For nights with calories and time to spare, try the to-die-for Parsnip Fries.

For those slim-on-time and slim-in-diet, opt for Simple Braised Celery.

FEBRUARY'S BEST SOUP Hunger Moon Parsnip Soup a simple soup, redolent of earth and lunar cycles

FEBRUARY'S BEST VEGETARIAN SUPPER Lentil, Pepper and Spinach Supper Hearty, healthful and according to a Mom who made it too, kid friendly!

FEBRUARY'S BEST FENNEL Fennel, Leek & Mushroom Saute

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Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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