Tool Tip: Avocado Knife (and the Common Kitchen Tools That Have Replaced It)

Tool Tip: One Avocado Knife vs the Three Common Kitchen Tools That Replaced It @
Truth be told, my kitchen drawers are emptier than one might guess, mostly because I buy few – and keep still-fewer – single-purpose utensils. But here's the thing.

ONE TOOL Once upon a time, I was enamored with an avocado knife, that's the avocado-shaped specialty knife shown on the left, there. For years, it worked great, earning a permanent home here because it was small and yet ever so practical for piercing and loosening the avocado pit, slicing the skin and then scooping out the flesh. You could say, I suppose, that this single-purpose tool was in fact, yes, multi-purpose!

VS THREE TOOLS And then again? That avocado knife has been replaced by not one but three "tools" – not purchased especially but ones I keep on hand and use for other purposes many times a day. First, a serrated knife, technically it's a tomato knife but I use it ALL the time. (Use it to slice the avocado open.) Then a serrated spoon, technically it's a grapefruit spoon and again, I use it ALL the time. (Use it to slip between the skin and the flesh and lift out the flesh. That said? A regular spoon works just as well for scooping out the avocado flesh.)

So yeah, three tools instead of one. Go figure. What do you think? One specialty tool or three common tools? Which one suits you?

How to Remove an Avocado Pit with a Knife @
WHACKING THE AVOCADO PIT Some times, the smaller serrated knife just doesn't have enough heft to remove the avocado pit. So I get out a larger knife and really give that pit a whack. The trick is to insert the knife's blade just far enough to gain a little torque so that when you twist the knife, the pit will pop right out. Very satisfying!

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