Kitchen Parade Extra: Cashew Chicken Curry ◄

Until introduced to Indian home cooking exemplified in food blogs like One Hot Stove, Mahanandi, Food, in the Main and Hooked on Heat, my experience with Indian cuisine was limited to two favorite restaurants (one a Friday-night hangout during grad school in Austin, another here in St Louis), a tiny grocery in Dallas that sold fresh curry leaves alongside saris and -- most famously -- London take-away.

If I had my druthers -- and I have, despite considerable objection -- take-away curry would be the choice for at least one, and preferably two, meals a day in London.

So at home, I struggle to replicate that fiery, steaming goodness and still please the American palates which pull up chairs at my table. The dozenth version of something close is the subject of this week's column in Kitchen Parade.
Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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