Day 153: Creamy Sweet Corn Soup ♥

Boy, this one was HARD work.

First I strode barefoot out to the Back Forty where I battled the grasshoppers to search more than a dozen corn rows for ears that had that just-ripe scent and then ... NOT.

Yes this is a Gimme. But real life needs regular Gimme's, yes?

This Imagine-brand corn soup tastes great -- and because it's from Trader Joe's, it's inexpensive, too -- and a cup is low in calories (100) and Weight Watchers points (2). And for those who attend to such, it's organic and vegan as well.

For anyone considering Family Survival Packs since Katrina, this may qualify since its aseptic packaging doesn't require refrigeration. I tasted a cold spoonful: not bad. And the expiration date is six months away so as long as the supply were replenished twice a year, it could work.
Alanna Kellogg
Alanna Kellogg

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